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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the grim details but I want to be clear as possible. My Doctors seem to think this is "psychological" but I don't agree. I'm not being taken seriously because of my age (26)

These issues have been on my own masturbating, NOT with a partner as I haven't been with anyone in months. However, I will admit it did start suddenly whilst stressing about someone I was meant to sleep with on new years eve.

I can almost always get an erection masturbating, but keeping it is the problem. The weird thing is though, some days I have had no problem at all. Some erections have been harder than I've had in months in fact, so it is very inconsistent.

My doctor (after I asked him) ran a blood test which came back "normal" for testosterone, blood glucose and thyroid function.

HOWEVER - My total testosterone was 20.3nmol/l (585ng/dl), Quite low for someone my age no? Is this low enough to cause ED or other low testosterone related symptoms?

As for my blood pressure (126/72) - Not through the roof but the first number higher than it should be. Is this enough to cause hardening of the arteries? I also smoked cannabis with tobacco since age 14 which I've now stopped.

Other info - my BMI is 22.5. As for night time/morning erections. I'd say I remember some kind of morning wood or night time erection every other day. Same as before the problem, certainly no less.

I want a prostate test done but I've been told it's "pointless" at my age. And I'll be getting my cholesterol tested at my expense...

I'm also seeing a top urologist privately in a couple of weeks as I don't trust what I'm being told.

Anyway, has anyone had a similar issue? Any suggestions OTHER than ED drugs? Which I'm not prepared to mess with unless the Urologist discovers I'm "physically broken"

If this goes on much longer, I fear I may do something stupid..



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Hey guest I’m sorry you’re experiencing this . It is always nerve wracking to have an issue like this especially at your age ... if you are still around and interested in so advice just let me know and I’d be glad to try and help you out.



Definitely interested. I'm seeing a male pelvic floor specialist next week as I think I have "hard flaccid" too. The week after that, a urologist. Whatever's wrong with me, I'll find out. But yes, any help would be much appreciated :)