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Yohimbine is a supplement that may help boost your energy but recent studies suggest that it may also help improve your erectile dysfunction. Is this a supplement that you really should consider when you are looking for natural treatments for ED?

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease in society, and it is believed that about 20 percent of males suffer from moderate to severe ED [1]. In most cases, ED is a manifestation of other chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes or psychological issues like depression or anxiety [2]. Multiple treatment options are available to try to correct this disorder, but these treatment options have strong cross-reactivity with other medications and may render them too dangerous for patients to continue. Unfortunately, this may mean that a patient has to endure their ED to be treated for a more life-threatening condition [3]. Thankfully, natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is a possibility for these patients. Various vitamins and dietary supplements for ED can help improve erections without the same dangerous side effects that you may see with medications like sildenafil (Viagra). In previous articles, we have talked about how natural supplements like  L-arginine or DHEA can be used to help improve erections. In this article, we will take a look at another natural supplement that has been linked to erectile dysfunction. Can we really use yohimbine to treat erectile dysfunction and will yohimbine help you last longer in bed? 

What is Yohimbine? 

Yohimbine is a supplement that has received a lot of attention recently as a potential boost for exercise performance and body composition. It comes from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree indigenous to Central Africa. It has been used for a long period in veterinary medicine as a stimulant to help dogs and livestock awaken after anesthesia during surgery and we have seen studies suggest that we can use yohimbine to treat erectile dysfunction.  Some of the more interesting investigations show that yohimbine can help stimulate humans as well.

In one investigation, this compound was given to a team of 20 professional soccer players. These participants were asked to take 20 milligrams of yohimbine daily for a period of 21 days and parameters like body weight and physical activity were measured. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined that athletes that took this supplement did not have any difference when it came to athletic performance in terms of strength and conditioning exercises but it was found that athletes that took this supplement had much lower levels of body fat compared to control groups after the trail finished. [4

This supplement is an alpha-receptor blocker so its side effect stem from this physiological characteristic. At low doses, yohimbine preferentially blocks alpha 2 receptors so patients will notice an increase in blood pressure, anxiety and heart rate. When the dose becomes too high, yohimbine will instead block alpha 1 receptors and patients may notice a rapid drop in blood pressure, headaches, nausea or heart palpitations. [5]

This can be a dangerous property but when dealing with erectile dysfunction, alpha receptors are important to help a patient maintain an erection. In theory, this should help patients with erectile dysfunction. 

Will African Tree Bark Help With Your Erectile Dysfunction? 

Now that we know the mechanisms of yohimbine, it is time to see if we should consider this a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.  In one study, yohimbine was analyzed as a potential monotherapy for erectile dysfunction. In total, 83 patients without a known organic cause of erectile dysfunction were given this supplement for an 8-week period. Participants received 30 milligrams of it daily. At the conclusion of the study, there was a subjective improvement noted in patients taking this compound in terms of sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, a frequency of sexual contact and the quality of the erection during intercourse. In total, 71 percent of patients taking this medication were satisfied compared to 45 percent of the controls. [6]

These results are impressive and if you are wondering "will yohimbine help you last longer in bed?" the answer is "Yes!' 

Another possible use of yohimbine can come in the form of a capsular combination. In a previous article, we had looked at the beneficial outcomes to taking L-arginine as a natural supplement for erectile dysfunction. Although it was not effective alone when treating erectile dysfunction, patients taking this pill in combination with Viagra improved tremendously compared to taking Viagra alone. [7]

L-arginine was the subject of another investigation but this time, it was used in combination with yohimbine. Just to make sure you are on the same page, this would be two natural supplements for ED being used together without any pharmacological creation. In this investigation, 40 men with mild to severe erectile dysfunction were given daily combinations of L-arginine and yohimbine for a period of 4 weeks. This study found that at the end of this month, participants had a significant improvement in their erections. [8]

Without a doubt, yohimbine is something that you should consider as one of the vitamins and dietary supplements for ED. It is well-tolerated with limited side effects and the results prove that it will improve your erectile dysfunction. 

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