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i thook shrooms 1 year ago and ever sice my chest and throat feel tight. the shrooms that i took were in a clear capsule. 3 other peopl took them with me and have not experienced any of this. its kinda hard to breath kida feels like im breathing threw a straw. my breathing is like this constantly. i have chest xrays ccat scans at the er they cant find anything wrong with my lungs. the night i took the shrooms it felt this way while i was on the trip. i thought that it would go away that it was part of the trip. it never did.... i use to love hiking and being in the out door. now i cant even do house work or walk with out running out of breath. once i took the shrooms i started having these affects. i use to smke weed and cigarttes and quit both bc it made it so much worse some one please help. im so sick of spending money going to the doctor and this problem not being solved. i want my life back...:-)


i'm sorry to hear.. Did you find out what the cause is? I'm wondering if you're still having these problems. i've also experienced different aftereffects that still 'haunt' me to this day, and this sounds somewhat familiar. Since my last trip i'm having trouble with anxiety and used to be out of breath more often and sooner than normal. I'm wondering if you have tried breathing exercises? that, or meditation might be of great help.. it could be a problem of psychological nature. maybe even talk to a psychiatrist. It makes more sense because you seem physically in good health.