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Magic mushrooms are fungi used as a hallucinogenic drug for centuries. Magic mushrooms are classified as a Class A drug just like cocaine and heroine are. Their possession is punishable by years in prison and those who sold the drugs could be smiling at the life-time sentence. What are magic mushrooms famous for? They produce so called “trip” in which users experience hallucinogenic visions, laughing fits, intensified colors and lights and lose track of time. The effects of the drug could last from four to eight hours. They could be very dangerous for people who suffer from mental problems.

Scientists found that the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin could have long lasting positive influence over mood and behaviour and that it could be used as a potential new treatment for depression, anxiety and drug dependence.

The effects people experienced from this hallucinogenic chemical were described as mystical and spiritually most significant. After such experiences, about 80% of the participants reported increase in their well being and life-satisfaction. Positive changes were seen in their moods, behaviours and attitudes, which was confirmed by their close-ones.
During the study, special care was taken to reduce possible side effects and they warned about the negative effects that could occur if a person took mushrooms unsupervised.

This is exactly what scientists are worried about. If the word spreads out, it would mean that more and more youngsters will be out there for the drug which could lead to dangerous adverse effects like paranoia, anxiety and panic.

However, the scientists are still interested into looking at the therapeutic potential of the magic mushroom chemical. The chemical will be tested on people who suffer from cancer-related depression or anxiety as well as on those who are being treated for drug dependence.


I tried shrroms last night and I have an anxiety disorder. I did not have an anxiety attack on the shrooms and today I actually feel less anxious. The buzz was a mystical one and it leaves a calming effect in you.


I have panic attacks. I took mushrooms while in amsterdamn a few years ago and it was GREAT. I took them 4 months later, and it was TERRIBLE.

You never know...I think it depends on how much BS you have in your head, how you're feeling in general. The older I get the less my body enjoys drugs, which is why I stick to my beer and whiskey these days.


My life was shite i was really depressed i was going now where , i took shrooms for the first time and it opened a new world of thinking for me now feel alot happyier and feel alot better and can now see how i was depressed in the first place they helped me see that ?


Shrooms absolutely changed my life. I got addicted to escaping this world through the use of drugs at the age of 16. I was failing high school and got pulled out halfway through 10th grade (and moved to live with my mom), and halfway through 11th grade (and moved once again). Life was hectic...I just hated it.

Life sucked so bad, I wanted to do anything I ever could to get away from it all. I was addicted to DXM for about 3/4 of a year, on and off. When I got my hands on LOADS of shrooms (there just happened to be an easily accessible field nearby), I stopped using DXM.

At first I used shrooms about once every four was hard not to, especially with how many I had (basically had an endless supply). I stopped hanging out with my pothead buddies and reserved the end of my nights for a bowl or two, but wouldn't smoke otherwise. Then the trips got to about once a week. Pot smoking reduced even more, sometimes not even a full bowl on non-shroom nights, just a couple hits.

As I used shrooms, I realized so many things about what my life had been like for the previous couple of years...realized where my perceptions were wrong. I realized everything about everything, as far as my life goes. I stopped smoking pot. Shrooms were used once every two weeks. I got a job immediately following one of my shroom trips in which I didn't use pot (by this point I had gotten my GED). I watched a lot of The Simpsons, listened to a lot of Pink was the best couple months of my life.

On the third trip of three that were two weeks apart, I knew it was the last one. My mind was in a place where I just knew that the shrooms had served their purpose, and that I no longer needed to use them. The day after, I got a second job. I was working 40-50 hours a week, 6 days a week, playing WoW in my off-time. I went a whole month without having a single thought of doing any drugs. It was bliss.

But I messed up. Some peers at my job were having a halloween party, and they invited me...I couldn't say no, went there, drank WAY too much too fast, and threw up for a bit before passing out. Soon after, I desired pot again. I went back to smoking a bowl or two a night. DXM became a problem once again. It started screwing with everything about my life and my personality. I didn't care about my jobs anymore, but the timing of things was okay. I was going to head off to Orlando to go to school in January, so I quit my jobs late November and rode out a good amount of cash for the remainder of that month.

In Orlando, I found myself using DXM still. I found pothead buddies, and became quite a pothead myself. In February I experienced an episode of ego loss on DXM, in which I lost all the progress I had made using shrooms the previous year. I knew none of it, for my hard drive had been erased. I failed a couple classes. This time of the year, shrooms were scarce, and though I did find some, use of them was so scattered between DXM use that it was not beneficial.

Desperate for a psychedelic to turn things around, I used Morning Glory Seeds, with much success (ground them up and drank not really, probably the most horrible thing I've ever put down my throat). They sufficed as a psychedelic...reminded me of what that open mindset was like...but after a few trips, I couldn't do it anymore. The negative aspects of the trip just outweighed the little positive that there was to be found in them. Not a problem, shrooms started growing again at this point. I took a large dose of shrooms with a large dose of DXM, which turned out to be THE most incredible experience of my life, but that's a whole other story =P .

The more I used shrooms, the less I used DXM, until I eventually wasn't even addicted to DXM anymore (just like before). I began to reach such a higher level of mind was just on such a higher's hard to describe. There were some very spiritual things going on inside me. I felt more and more connected to the enigma that is my god the more I used shrooms. The more connected I felt, the more obvious the signs it was working in my life became.

My psychic abilities increased...and I know that may sound absurd to some of you, but sh*t, it's hard to deny when you're the one who's experienced it. I can understand how skeptical you might be when you haven't seen it for yourself. Seriously though, I began hearing nearly everone's thoughts. Not constantly, but enough. About 10 times a day, I would think something immediately before someone else would say it (and to me, that's me hearing their thoughts). I find it hard to believe that I just HAPPENED to be thinking the same thing as someone else, at the same exact time, several times a day. A friend of mine went on a rant about her life, and I would 'think' of everything she'd say before she said it. Not details, like peoples names; she would be talking about something, and I'd begin thinking of a logical tangent, based on what she was talking about. Then, she'd direct her rant to that thought that crossed my mind, without me ever mentioning it.

Point is, life was INCREDIBLE. Then I made a big mistake. After some intense physical activity, I decided to use DXM. All the while, I had a really deep down feeling that it was to be my last DXM trip. It had been a couple weeks since the last trip, but I wasn't afraid to do a strong dose. I had never had a bad trip, regardless of having tripped hundreds of times. I considered doing 300mg, but I didn't want it to be disappointing (seeing as I expected it to be my last DXM trip). I took 600mg, which was a typical dose for me.

A couple hours into the trip I began experiencing ego loss. This was terrifying, as I knew what was happening (seeing as it had been experienced before). I saw every bit of progress I had made over the previous couple months slipping away through my fingers...then it was all gone. I couldn't recall anything about the person I had become...the hard drive was wiped, and all that was left was the computer that had always been. I just wanted the trip to be over...I wanted it to be the next day, in which I wouldn't be tripping. I spent the rest of the trip thinking I was going to die. Because I wasn't sucked into the psychedelia, DXM's effects on my body really stood out, like the increased heart rate. This led to panic, which led to even more symptoms, which led to even more panic. My blood pressure hit the roof, I really thought I was going to die...but somehow the next day eventually came.

That experience was incredibly traumatizing (ego loss + panic attack under the influence + near death experience (in my head, at least) = traumatic). I could no longer function...I couldn't think...I couldn't do my work...I was so screwed. I used small doses of shrooms a couple times, with a bit of success, but I needed more. There was a lot that needed to be recovered. After using shrooms a few times, and not freaking out, I decided it was okay to do a high dose. I'd done as much as 13 dried grams, so I didn't think these 5g were a big deal, though I did expect a lot.

This night got the best of me. I was on AIM having a conversation with someone that I would have sworn I had before. Everytime he'd say something, I'd think "That's what you said last time!" I'd even casually respond to the things he'd say, and go "Holy sh*t! That's what I said last time!" There was no last time. Yet I recognized every word in that conversation.

The trip seemed to be going excellently. I was just staring at my ceiling (which was tracing like a mofo, btw), when a wave of familiarity swept over me...familiar but unwelcome. I blew it off for a few minutes, but it was already too late. I felt that feeling about 2 inches back in my head, the one that feels like a vessel gave way and that I was bleeding into my head. I panicked. I saw death. So much went through my head...more than I'm interested in including in this post. I spent the next 2 hours talking to a friend on the phone, walking everywhere I could possibly walk...walking eased the anxiety...when I stopped, it felt like my body was stopping, too. I also recognized many things in the conversation I had with my friend on the phone. I experienced 4 hours of what seemed like Deja Vu, but I know there was more to it than that, that I had actually seen the events of that night unfolding before.

Since then, I haven't done anything but try to smoke, but even that has been causing panic attacks. I'm quite certain that my panic/anxiety is related to adrenal fatigue/exhaustion, whatever you want to call it. It's a very real thing, and it makes sense, all things considered.

But that's beside the point. I'm here to talk about shrooms.

The fact of the matter is, they are very powerful things. As you may have read, they have the potential to do wonderful things in one's life. I wouldn't take back a moment of time I've spent under their influence. But what you have to be careful of is how you choose to live your life after they've had a significant influence on your perspectives. It's quite like pot, and the way its users become paranoid over time. But it's about a lot more than just being paranoid.

This world is like a dream to me now. I've become so aware of my spiritual existence, I understand that this world really is just a dream when compared to what is to come after life. I've been shown that the mind has power beyond that which is tangible -- isn't thought in itself, after all, sort of a supernatural occurance? Sure, we've got nerves that are doing the work...but how is it that these nerve signals are translated into that little monologue inside our heads?

As much as shrooms help you to understand, they also reveal much that is difficult to grasp. If you want to enjoy a simple life, don't bother with shrooms...don't bother with any drugs, for that matter. They just complicate things. Complicated doesn't mean bad, it just means...complicated. If you already use drugs, and would like to have a chance to stop, shrooms could help. They did for me.

They WILL change the way you view the world, more than likely for the better; but with that change in perspective comes the necessity for a change in lifestyle. Other drugs don't mix well with shrooms' lasting influence on the psyche. Keep it to shrooms and nothing but shrooms...I wish I had.

I give shrooms a 10/10


Ashley42066 wrote:

DO NOT~! I REPEAT DO NOT!!! take shrooms is you have anxiety or panic disorders, I rarely from month to month get panic attacks, i had not had one for about 9 months, i decided to try shrooms with my husband for the first time, though he has done it a huge number of times, i freaked out, had one of the worst anxiety attacks ive ever had my entire life that its peak time lasted for 4 hhours, if i owned a gun i would have shot myself, i almsot ended up in the e.r. but could not function to get help and go figure my husband passed out asleep for some strange reason. It will GREATLY induce your attacks, and ever since i took them 2 months ago, my attacks are more frequent, and i swear the shrooms brought them back full force. Please ive done so many drugs and i dont want anyone to feel that way, shrooms are gay, and not worth it.

<----I have high anxiety as well and that has happened to me before. thats why its good to have a xanax when you eat your mushies, if you have anxiety the xanax will take it away and you'll have a blast;) Or if you aren't sure, save a xanax and take it if needed. I promise it helps your trip 100%!


Theres a problem with taking Xanax with shrooms though. Honestly there is no point to the shrooms if you mix them with a benzo. Benzos diminish the effects of psychedelics greatly to the point where you aren't going to feel the entire experience, no where near as enlightening.


Hi Ashley,

I'm sorry to hear about your horrible experience, but I have to say, I think it has a LOT to do with what state of mind the person is in, and how they go into their trip. I have suffered most of my life from OCD, several different anxiety disorders, severe depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (I know, I'm all messed up). I first did mushrooms as a teen, and although I did not emotionally benefit from them much at that time, now at almost 30 I've found ENORMOUS benefits. I am more at peace with my everyday life than ever before. I noticed that in the week after use I have a general sense of well-being, and I'd even go as far as saying I have times of optimism (!!). I also have a sense of mental clarity and general understanding. And, after about a week I feel myself going back into the old depressed/pessimistic state of mind.

I think typically the majority of people have a somewhat bad experience until they learn how to harness their emotions on the drug. I like to talk myself up in the days leading up to my trip. I reassure myself that everything in my life is okay, that nothing needs to be done until tomorrow, etc. (I used to trip out about responsibilities, ie. "Did I pay that bill?", etc.). I find the only people that have a truly positive experience the first time are natural optimists, and people that aren't high-strung.

I think it's also necessary for us panickers (is that a word?) to have a good trip buddy. Sounds like your hubby is like mine and just enjoys the ride all the way through with no real issues (he's able to sleep on it too...crazy). I like to have someone around that can talk me out of the negative thoughts that may come, although I've had enough experience now to be able to do it for myself.

Also, how much did you take?

There are just so many factors in all of this and I think it's unfair for you to post such a negative response. So many people have such powerful, positive experiences on mushrooms. Yes, it may have been bad for you, but if it weren't beneficial scientists wouldn't be putting any effort into studying it. Clearly if you wanted to kill yourself you should NOT do it again. But keep in mind people have been doing mushrooms for centuries (if not longer). As in life, perception is the foundation of reality.

Best wishes :)


I tried shrooms, and they GAVE me anxiety. I never had anxiety before shrooms....I decided to try them with some friends at a park....I ended up puking and panicking so bad I sat in a shower curled into a ball thinking my spine was gonna snap because I was so tense....then the next week, I had my first anxiety attack outside of being on shrooms....

Now I have to go to a psychologist because my anxiety has progressively gotten worse to where now I'm nearly agoraphobic....

So No, shrooms doesn't help everyone with anxiety. It might just do the exact opposite.


o.O Hmmm.. i am on mushrooms right now and I feel AmAZinG! Uhm, yes I defintly think that it could mostl certainly help for sad people. I was a sad person for a while. well not really, I used to be. But not so much anymore. a bit when I was a kid. I am great though. totally cool. love ya... peace kisses.
sweet dreams!?
love ya bye
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And the question is

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I have always had problems with depression and anxiety. When I was younger I think shrooms could exacerbate it because I was not aware enough at the time to control my anxiety. Now I find shrooms to be therapeutic simply because they allow you to step back from the cognitive realties that create your anxiety and depression in the first place. This seperaration allows for a objective analysis of your subjective self. But you do need to have a certain self awareness in the first place for this to be possible. If you do then the trip can be extremely rewarding for depression and anxiety because it allows you to analyze these mental states from an altered perspective, allowing the user to reframe his or her references to the causes of the original depression and anxiety. We often get caught up in a framework of cognition and if properly used, shrooms can temporarily make this framework bendable so that we create new neural pathways to ideas and understandings that we might not have otherwise come to.


I think an important thing to be aware of in all this is that those anxiety producing experiences are potentially the best. If one truly experiences EGO loss, totally surrenders, then they can have basically a Primary Mystical Experience, which is what happened to me. As my perception became totally distorted beyond recognition, I thought that I was going crazy, and looped endlessly about what was going to happen, how my family would have to tell people "Well, _____ took some mushrooms and they made him go insane" and then I began to think it would be better just to die, and somewhere around that point was when I finally just surrendered, because all those things I was becoming anxious about were rooted in the same thing that all anxiety is rooted in, the EGO, the limited self that we think we are. So, once I gave up, I had a mystical experience which defies description, and woke up a changed, more fully human being. For several months food, which I had previously had problems with, was simply seen as feeding my body, and I had a definate knowing, not theoretical but experiential, that I was not my body. Some people I told about this gave me looks and spoke to me in tones indicating that they thought I was "just tripping", but while what I experienced may have been chemically induced by a drug, the experience itself was very real, and I have no doubts about it whatsoever. However, I was not a typically anxious person before I took them. But I still think that even a person with an anxiety disorder, perhaps ESPECIALLY someone with this problem, can benefit from the trip, if it's done correctly. But they definately need to go into it with the right set and intent, for these are far from a recreational drug, in high doses. Taking them in the park with your friends, for instance, sounds like a horrible idea to me. You need to be somewhere where you can comfortably experience what's going on, and allow yourself to dissolve. I had my mystical experience in the foetal position on my bed, probably the optimum location.


Ya Mixing any benzo with a psychedelic is just a waste. it will just deminish the feeling of the mushrooms. Some people like to take benzos once they are coming down from the trip. Just take something like xanax and just relax.

Also Ashley42066, I as well have anxiety and get panic attacks fairly often. but never have i had a bad trip on mushrooms. Its purely your state of mind that controls how your trip is going to play out. You might have had a horrible experience, but it could have been brought on by being so nervous about it that you let the mushrooms get the best of you. If you ever tried them again there would be a good chance you might experience the same sort of thing, as im sure you would be scared of that bad trip re-occurring.

But just remember. People dont die from eating mushrooms. Sure if you eat mushrooms that LOOK similar to magic mushrooms, but in fact are poisonous, you could very well die. However unless your going mushroom picking i wouldn't worry to much about that.


Truely amazingly worded. couldnt of said it better myself. mush is probably the most amazing thing you can put in your mouth (oh wait, it is),

everything in my life is deffinatly way more appreciated now.

my mush theory: Every living thing is equal (mathematicaly), first of all: cats are just always screwed up on mush. Secondly: they pounce around.. everywhere. thirdly: it trips right the f**k out when someone jolts. and finaly: they touch and love everthing. which is why their emotions and feelings are 8 times as intense as humans, therefore cats have a 8 times shorter life than us humans. a humans average life span: 80. Cats average life span 10. do the math. therefore a cats life is like another trip on the mush train.


I have recently been going through unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from the anti-depressants that I am coming off. I can say now that I have finally gotten them out of my system ....thnx to these little pellets that i have acquired called 'Scooby Snacks'....compact shrooms ...peppermint flavor!

I have taken 3-1gr doses over the last 2 weeks and my mind is clearer than it has ever been! I have read about the horrible withdrawal symptoms that some people go through to get off this sh*t and I recommend 'Magic Mushrooms' to anybody who would like a smoother ride!!!