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I took shrooms about 2 months ago and wasn't in the right state of mind when I took them. Ended up being the worst experience of my life. Now I feel like since the shrooms I have not been myself. I have had symptoms of not being able to sleep, feeling like Im just going through the motions, no interest in anything, and I don't want to leave the house because when i'm out its like I am not even there because I don't really talk and get zoned out of what people are saying easily.

Now I don't know what to do. I feel like I ruined my life because of taking these. Is there any way to overcome the effects or is it once the damage is done its done?


You are just one of many of people who have experienced bad psychological consequences of taking psychoactive drugs – they may not be physically addictive, but, as you have seen now for yourself, they have the big ability to negatively affect your personality. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are the most often negative effects, but there are cases where mushrooms or marijuana use were triggers for full blown psychosis. I would definitely recommend that you find someone you can talk to and who could give you the real help, be it therapy, or medication. But definitely, this doesn’t have to be anything permanent, if you deal with the situation.


I actually have experienced this too.. Eating them when you are in a bad way is just awful. I barely remember the actual trip, and when I snapped out of it I felt so.. Just empty. Drained, and almost worthless. For the first week after, I seriously thought I was nothing. I had a panic attack over an innocent comment my man said, and pretty much layed in bed. That whole psychotic feeling passed, but I went into a funk for about a month, where I just worked and slept and toked. Very depressing, and stressful on my relationship. Eventually, after about a month and a half after the depressing trip, I finally just got on with things. I pretty much just got over it.. I spilled to my hubby about why I was feeling bad still, and it really cleared my mind.

You have a lot more to live for than that.. Talk with someone chill and safe, get it off your chest. It'll probably hurt to revisit that experience, but also help you express why you're so depressed in words, which usually subconsciously will make you realize that the feelings you have are a phase..

...Being pessimistic about small things will help. If you're in a bad way, appreciating small things that are good can sometimes help you distract yourself, and also keep you on the sunny side.

Whatever you do.. Don't turn to other drugs to give temporary happiness in a time like this. It's almost worse when the effects wear off, and you feel bad again.


I can definitely relate. 2 weeks ago I took shrooms and had a beautiful trip. But then when I was coming down from the trip, I smoked some pot. Bad idea. I ended up having the worst trip of my life. This happened with my Boyfriend and another friend of ours. I turned to my bf for comfort but he too was having a bad trip and I couldn't find comfort in him.
Then for a few days afterward everything was ok (besides some relationship difficulties) and then all of the sudden I had a relapse. I tried going to sleep but had an anxiety attack. Since then, for the past week I've been having at least 3-4 anxiety attacks per day. I know that shrooms leave your body after 9 days but these feelings of panic really worry me.
Especially because i've Never felt anxiety before. I went to see a councellor who sort of helped and suggested that I go see a doctor to be safe and make sure that the drugs weren't tainted. It comforts me in knowing that there are other people who have experience post-shrooms effects.
I pretty much feel like i'm going through post-traumatic stress. It really takes a toll on my day to day life.
The thing I really want to know is... will this go away with time?
My bf's brother had said that he felt shaky and suicidal for weeks after a bad trip but that it eventually went away. I just want to be sure that I too will feel it go away. That my life will go back to normal.


hey, iam 16 years old and need some help. all my friends were having a terrible shroom trip, they said they had this cycle that kept on happening over and over again and i was the only one that was having a good trip. there were 4 of us counting me, at 1 point i had enough and i had to help them somehow to get rid of that cycle, so i left are little shed in the backyard and came back with a movie and told them to come inside and wache this so it would break there cycle. i had no choice but to go to my mom for help because i was triping balls , she ended up finding out and was pissed. See i didint know what to say at the time cause she was blue and moving and sh*t haha but after the trip my friends said the trip was fun.... i worried my fuckign balls off and now i dont know whats going on.. its only been a day but i feel like perm. i dont like it i cant concentrate. i cant relax. i would like a bit of help. is it normal to feel like that for a couple of days???


Hey do you guys feel disconnected from reality? Like your a robot of some sort? If so you are not alone, I had a bad trip about 3 months ago and I have been completely depersonalized almost like I was an outsider to the world. I did some research and it's when you have a panic attack and your brain goes into the flight or fight response it's there to help you prepare for danger. Even though there is non your panic attacks just feed onto it. It will go away when your anxiety goes as it did for me. Get lots of exercise and keep praying. When you feel a anxiety attack coming on don't shake it off keep adding more anxious feelings to it. It will make you feel better honestly.


I know what you are feeling. I too have taken shrooms a little over a month ago and I have felt the same as you. Although, I would like to answer if your going to be back again. I cannot answer this because I have not felt the same since and I haven't used any substances(drugs) since and I tend to have anxiety now and I never did before.


Hi im kris and im 15 and im going through the exact same thing! have you guys gotten over all the bad stuff?if so can you give me some tips or help?



Hey guys, this is my experience:I took shrooms, only 1.5 grams, I first took 1 gram and then after 90 minutes of waiting and only feeling a high marijuana can give you, I took another .5 and then a half hour later I was being sent over the edge. It was crazy, I thought about heaven and hell, I felt like God was genuinly pissed at me, and it has been 2 to almost 3 weeks now since I've taken them. I remember even watching Family Guy and they said "Kill them" and those words stuck in my mind for soooooooo long, but now all my thoughts are gone its just the feeling of anxiousness and not feeling like myself so I feel like I'm getting better, but everytime I smoke I get even more anxious and paranoid which I know paranoia is an already common feeling for people who smoke, but I"ve been smoking every day for the past two-years and I know thats not normal, especailly since I'm a very high-strung person and marijuana would ALWAYS calm me down, but now its just not the same. I really hope this goes away soon for me but also for all you guys. But just understand that what happened when you tripped was that your perception was open and that anything you thought about will kind of be in your mind and even though you think it didn't interest you, it did, thats why we still think about those things. They were unconcious thoughts that we were made to face with, and sooner or later we will all be better. Just exercise, pray, hang with friends, do new exciting stuff (not drugs) and overall just be a more positive person. Keep your head up :)



how long did it take you?
and did you thought wander about things that you are not?


Hey, i could not believe how similar your post is to my exact experience. I took exactly 1.5 grams and had a descent trip. This was the first time i have ever taken shrooms but since then i have not felt myself, ive been feeling anxious and depressed. I have been smoking pot for 3 years and every day for the past year but ever since i took those mushrooms, marijuana just makes my anxiety worse and i cant even enjoy my beloved weed. Its been a couple months now and im not feeling much better i decided to take a long break from weed to see if i can enjoy it in about a year but if you decide to reply to this i want to ask you have you ever smoke synthetic weed or k2? Because i did a year or so ago a few times and for some reason i feel like that screwed my mind but if so how would the symptoms show up so much later and right after i trip shrooms? Well anyways good luck to you


same here, it's good to hear i'm not the only one. I took shrooms half a year ago, after taking it about 3 times before. those 3 times were so much fun, but the last time i just felt this dark feeling, and now half a year later, i'm still feeling anxious from it, and have this weird feeling that i can't really describe, but it's kind of like a fear to lose touch with reality. I wasn't suffering from anxiety before, but now i get these anxiety attacks, mostly when i'm at work, where i feel claustrophobic and 'locked up' and just want to go home.. My body is also really tense alot of the time. I feel like i want to quit my job. my goals aren't as strong as before. Sometimes I don't feel like myself. i feel disconnected and have the same symptoms that other people are describing here. i've also been smoking weed for years, and lately i only smoke sometimes, when i'm home. i started seeing a psychiatrist, but i don't really know what else to do.



I took shrooms a few weeks ago while I smoked weed and had the same experience as all of you. I was like okay after like a day, and then 2 weeks like ( a little over a week ago) I fell into a relaspe. I've studied the f**k out of what's been happening to me for a while and I'm going to share with you what I know.

First, common symptoms:

1) Feeling Anxiety/Panic Attacks (this means shaking, feeling intense amounts of fear, and feeling is if you are going crazy)

2) Depersonalization (feeling as though you aren't yourself or have lost a part of you and you will never be the same. aka this feeling will last forever)

3) Feeling Foggy in the Head (this feels as if you may be high on something or unable to concentrate or listen to people. Feeling like you're in a dream.)

4) Depression (feeling like there is a darkness inside of you. feeling insecure. feeling worthless. not enjoying the things you did before. feeling there isn't a point to life or what you are doing)

5) Feeling Disconnected (this goes along with feeling like you have an altered sense of reality and that you might've stepped into another universe. feeling like reality is a dream)

6) Hyper Vivid or Lucid dreams (you may have dreams that appear to be incredibly real or terrifying/very uncomfortable for no reason at all. They seem to affect your day and give you an altered sense of reality as well. You may remember all of them)

7) Feeling of Despair (feeling as though you won't get better and that there is no hope)

8) Over-analyzing thought (you may notice a voice in your head that is constantaly trying to figure out what is happening to you or telling you that it's this or that. This voice makes you feel confused perhaps. It keeps talking like a bad roommate and keeps you distracted and in your own head)

9) Sensitivity (you feel like you may be taking on stress from other people's probems or you feel like things that didn't affect you very much, affect you greatly now. Almost like it's too much to bare. You may feel guilty about things that don't matter as much. You may feel very down on yourself over small things)

10) Loss of appetite (you have anxiety so you won't be feeling too hungry)

Now I will tell you the good news. The things that you want and should be able to hear and reading this should be a good headstart in your recovery process.

First, what you are feeling is something that many others have felt and gone through before and it won't be the last time it happened. You are not going crazy, you didn't do anything wrong, and most importantly, you are not alone. What you may be feeling could have been caused by a multitude of things. But I can tell you that these affects or not permanent. I promise you. You may feel like it won't get any better and you are trapped but please hang in there. I promise you, no one can feel like that forever. You mind is incredibly resilient and you have strength that you didn't even know. Also, there is no need to feel guilty over taking this drug. You decided to try and experiment to expand and open your mind. There is nothing wrong about that. All you wanted was to see the world in a different and more beautiful way. So don't beat yourself up over it. You will feel better and you will feel better.

Here could be some explanations to what you may be feeling. You see, after you take a medicine, strong brains could remember how to produce that chemical in very small doses. Mushrooms could act in a similar way. But we know that this doesn't last long and the effects will go away, I promsie. You could even learn to enjoy it and see it as something beautiful.

Also what you could be feeling is a post traumatic stress disorder brought on by the terror you felt in your trip. You will find similar symptoms in people with PTSD. This may sound horrible but in fact it should be seen as good news. PTSD is very treatable and if you are feeling it, then it is extremely mild and it should pass within a few months/weeks/or worst case a couple years. The point is that it is not permanent and you can get help.

What you should also know about mushrooms is that it is one of the heathiest drugs you can possibly take and there is no evidence of it having any affect on your brain. But it is a drug that is supposed to make your mind feel temporarily unstable. These affects will get better and better as time goes on.

What you can do to help heal yourself:

1) Talk to a therapist (Find the right one and their energy and tools will help you so f*****g much)

2) Meditate (You should be doing this anyway)

3) Read about how to deal with anxiety (There are ways do deal with this sh*t. It all depends on you)

4) TALK TO PEOPLE (important)

5) Mantra (keep telling yourself positive thoughts and know that it will get better. example: I am here, I am present, I am strong, I am happy. I love and accept myself completely. I am human. I am getting better)

6) Drink tea

7) Get out there and do things! (this is probably one of the best things you can do. A big mistake people make when feeling anxious or whatever from shrooms is to isolate yourself. This will only make things worse. So get out there and take that walk, go see that concert, take that vacation, and go on that hike)

8) Exercise (exercise is a guarenteed way to make you feel better. It's going to get rid of a lot of that stress and give you chemicals that make you feel happy. Go for a run when you're feeling anxious. Go rock climbing. Prove to yourself that you are a f*****g champ and capable of doing anything you want.)

9) Practice breathing exercises (also when you are getting those negative voices or feeling anxious, you can just focus on your beathing. Just think about your breaths. Inhale with your stomach and not your chest)

10) Surround yourself with love! (You may be feeling afraid. Well the opposite of fear is love. That is a fact. So love yourself and surround yourself and think (make lists) of the things you love most. Concentrate on those.)

11) Try and help others (This not only will make you feel good about yourself, but you will give advice to something that you will take in yourself. Just make sure that it's good advice ;) )

12) Surrender (accept that what you're feeling is normal and do not trying to psyche yourself or snap yourself back out of it. Like a cold, it will go away with time. You can't force it, but you can do things to speed up the recovery process)

13) Laugh as much as you can! (Laughing helps you forget that anything is wrong and everytime you laugh is another step closer to feeling happy and normal again)

14) Positive Reinforcement (think happy, positive, and reassuring thoughts as much as you can. This is super important)

15) Write down everything (Keeping a journal will help you organize your thoughts and get all that shittiness onto paper. It'll serve you a lot)

16) Move on (there isn't any need to keeping toying with yourself and telling yourself negative things. You'll move and be stronger from it. Realize that this is only temporary. If you were happy once, I promise you will be happy again)

17) Have Sex (it's healthy and is positive)

18) Look at your situation and have a laugh about it! It's actually kind of funny! Life can be such a c**t sometimes. This is just a bump. You'll laugh about it later anyway, so why not have a laugh now too? It will help you feel better

19) Realize that you can never lose who you are. You are you and seriously nothing can change that. Also if you feel like you are actually going crazy? That's just you having a panic attack. I've talked to specialists about this. You can't go crazy over this sh*t lol. It's just anxiety. Also if there was any real evidence that shrooms make you go crazy, then we would have seen them already. We know they don't. So don't even consider that an option.

20) Also take other people's advice that have had the same experience as you, and know again that this feeling you have or whatever goes away. Of course it feels like it won't. It's because the feeling of uncertainty. It goes away I promise ;)

21) Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. You do! It's in your nature, just regocnize that. You are a f*****g human. You're strong. You have the same tool (the human brain) that has created almost everything around you. It's strong which means you are strong.

22) You don't have any kind of illness whether you think it's insanity or depression. Even if you did, you would just bounce back even stronger. I promise you, this exerience will make you stronger and it is only an experience.

23) Read (a brain needs books like a sword needs a wet stone)

24) Be creative (you are feeling what you're feeling because you took a drug. A pretty cool drug I might add. You took it to expand your mind and there isn't anything wrong with that at all. It's totally natural. Shrooms are nature. So go with it and paint! You'll look back and find it beautiful)

25) Write down your fears.. AND f*****g BURN THEM :D You are in control man.

26) Read some heart warming tales

27) Realize that this is like kind of an uncomfortable experience, but there are zillions of things you can do to reduce that sh*t and make it go away quicker. Thinking about it sh*t tons won't help so much

28) Talk to people, maybe even on the internet, who have had a similar experience, even if it's just plain anxiety. Which is basically like the cause for everything you're feeling. You just took the drug, had a bad time, and it gave you temporary anxiety. A traumatizing car crash would do the same thing with similar symptoms. But you are not physically hurt, you have the same brain, and the knowledge that this shizzle get's better.

29) Realize there are way more important things than this that will happen. This is so insignificant, that in 30 years you will have way crazier stories to tell. Which is cool. You can be like, "yeah I took shrooms once. made me feel weird for a few weeks but I totally got over it. It's actually kind of a cool experience when I look back on it. I felt stronger and more capable when it was gone."

30) Turn it into a game. Look up "Super Better". That's always an option. It has helped so many f*****g people become happy from traumatic events worse than yours. That's another thing, what you are experiencing is mild and will go away. For people who have been in wars, they went through what you went through x 10. Most of them recover too. Some people are scarred from war tragedies and don't recover 100%. But as science can tell, shrooms can help with PTSD. A LOT. That does not mean AT ALL that you should take mushrooms again hahaha. Everyone has a different body chemistry and the drug will affect them differently. So it's not your fault for having a bad trip. Just know that PTSD is super treatable and you've already made the first step by trying to relate to other and understand what's going on. Some clarity will help you move on and forget about it.

31) I could go on for hours on ways to help yourself get better faster. Because it will happen naturally.

Anyway my story is simple. I was stressed, I tried to take a drug, it didn't work for me, I had a bad trip. I got over it, had a relaspe 2 weeks later, got anxiety, thought I was going crazy (let me make it clear that I was not at all), I got help and found ways to make it better. Like some of the things I listed above. It will happen naturally anyway. So I hope reading this gives you some more clarity and reassurance that you need. So from here on out, you will sleep better, eat better, think better, work better, and be happier day by day until it's gone completely and you are stronger. Feel better!





an excellent post, my friend. thank you so much! still having some trouble on a daily basis but not as severe as before. I've actually started doing about half those things you mentioned on my own. Reading, breathing excercises, relaxation exercises, being creative, trying to go out and do things. A nice walk in the forest and just being in nature is one of my favorites now.. also eating healthy has helped me alot, i'm starting to become somewhat of a hippie, haha..



First of all it was a relief just to see other people are going through exactly what i am. I did shrooms about a month and a half ago and have had all the same feelings. I have noticed that over time i have been feeling better and better and i just wanted to say that that one post made me feel the best i have since this has all started. Confidently knowing that it will go away has been more helpful for me than any other method of dealing with this. Thank you