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PLEASE HELP! Everytime i have a shower, my feet peel! its weird, and it only happens when i get my feet wet. Layers and layers come off, and its starting to happen to my hands. Its not painfull at all so i think its just dead skin. I dont wear anyone elses shoes so i cant have caught it from someone else. It wasnt untill i actually realized that this was excessive amounts of skin that i thought it was not normal. The bottoms of my feet go totally numb, like they are tingly and very uncomfortable to walk in. The area that peels the most is at the top of my foot near where my toes connect to my foot. PLEASE HELP ME! no one else seems to have this problem and its very embarrasing.


Hello, that does sound rather serious. Maybe you should look for professional help, go see a dermatologist or something. I have never heard of such symptoms, it could be because of some sort of deficiency in your body. Make sure you are taking enough Vitamin E. Get all the vitamins and try changing your diet a bit. Try to eat healthy. But all in all I would see a doctor for this. Sooner the better.