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I have a white spot on the bottom of my feet its about the size of a peanut but it hurts. When i walk on it a lot it hurt and when i wake up in the morining and start to walk it would hurt really badly to but if i walk at a normal pace for a while the pain would ease and i wouldn't feel it no kinda wierd...there dry skin on top and i try to peel it but nothin happen and at first i though it was a blister to but i have had it for about and month and its not going away i even try to peel it but at one point it was to painful so i stop...what is it and what can i do to get ride of it


Hi there,

These things tend to happen when your feet are over stressed and if your footwear is not all right. I once had a problem where I had shoes that were latterly killing my feet. I was wearing them for a month of little more and then I had to throw them away. It was just the shape inside that was not good for my foot. I think that something similar is happening to you too, so try to see if you can change your footwear in order to get rid of this condition. Blisters will go away after several days. I hope that this helped you in any way.


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