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I purchased a treadmill (8 Feb 07), purchased new, comfortable takkies, and walked for 20mins at 5km per hour every day. About 3 days after, I started getting tingling feet which lead to burning, painfull feet. I stopped walking on the treadmill 2 weeks ago. I cannot drive a car as it is too painfull. Would a treadmill do this, or is it perhaps some other cause?




Maybe the shoes you're wearing aren't the right kind for your feet, as in you're wearing the wrong size, lacing them too tight or they're not made for your foot type? I use to wear New Balance 766s and my feet would tingle and even feel like they were on fire while I was walking. It turns out my shoes were a half size too small and they weren't the right kind of shoe for my foot type. Research your foot type and width online and once you have have that figured out look into shoe brands like Brooks, Asics, New Balance and look into their different models that would work for your foot type. Then go to a store that sells numerous brands so you have a large selection and try on as many pairs as you need to. Once you have it narrowed down to a couple pairs that feel the best on your feet, walk around the store for 5-10 minutes. Getting a shoe that is the proper size is very important. Try on shoes that are a half size bigger than you normally get and see how those are. A lot of people buy shoes that are too small. Your toes should move around and the toe box should feel roomy. Also, try lacing your shoes looser. Good luck.