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Im 18 and having alot of hair fall this year.lately i've seen my hair turning half white.I am anaemic and i have iron deficiency aswell.I know this is all related to my diet issue so is there any diet anyone can suggest that can help resolve this issue?


Hello Redeme,

Are you a raw vegan?  Is that what you mean about your diet issues?  Vegans often have a B12 deficiency.  You need to get a B12 shot initially or at least take B12 supplements.  B12 is important for many things as a coenzyme but particularly important for the making of red blood cells.  Your system is low in oxygen and that is serious.  Excessive hair loss can occur for a number of reasons but in particular hormone imbalances.  Low levels of estrogen and higher levels of progesterone and testosterone can cause this.  My sister had this problem when she was in her late twenties and she actually lost most of her hair.  She wore a wig for a while.  I had little contact with her at the time, but I think they put her on the birth control pill.  Anyway, I know that her hair began growing again and filling in.  After that she was okay.  About diet, try to take in lean meats as meats are high in B12 particularly red meat.  Try to take in fresh veggies and fruit as well and stay away from fast foods like French fries and hamburgers as they can cause all kings of dietary imbalances.