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HI i am fiza,my hairs have been fallling from 5 years i had black curly or we can say wavy hairs 5 years bak ma hair start falling very starngely its like i was havind clusters of hair in ma hands when i take bath thn gradually ma hair became thin n now they r just fine,growth is also not so much am very depress it lacks ma confidence:( when eva i have to go in an occasion i just dony understand wht is da reason ma diet is normal 1 thing i notice i used to take lots of stress during ma studies this migh t be da reason can any body tell me how to regrow ma hairs?


Take these steps:

Cut out ALL fatty foods

Rest alot

Eat alot of protine, vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin E, Copper

Wash your hair with shampoo every 2 or 3 days, only condition it so it doesnt look greasy

Dont stress out, relax, ignore all bad things and work it out gradualy, thats the biggest hair killer

massage your head to flow your blood freely

Tip your head upside down alot/do hand stands and do Yoga as all your hairs essensial vitams rush to your hair nurrashing it, dont leave your head explode with to much bloode tho..

And DONT become depressed, and learn how to type propperly ;-)


hi,thanx a lot mr unknown am trying dese days to overcome ma stress n to face problems by a solution rather thna taking tension,do u know any thing bout seakelp some body has recomended me dis for hairs?