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Ok so ever since I was little I have been a bit bigger than the other girls. I wouldn't say that I'm really fat I'm just chubby and want to lose a few pounds. I'm 5'8 and currently 158 pounds. My goal is 145-140. I'm just so tired of thinking I'm fat an being uncomfortable every time I eat. i really just need a diet of some sort because I already have sports and stuff 5 times a week. Please help!



Okay, you're 13 and your 5'8" and you need to lose 15 to 20 pounds.  Okay, that's not so bad.  See if you can cut your caloric intake about 500 calories per day.  You need to eat lean meats and fresh veggies and fruits.  Keep you sugar intake low.  Do not add any sugar to anything.  Stay away from donuts and cake and ice cream and candy.  Try to have little bits of as many foods as you can.  Like have some celery and carrots with lunch and dinner.  These foods take time to chew and digest.  This makes you feel fuller faster and you stop eating.  You will feel satisfied.  Just make sure you don't eat any fast foods like hamburgers and French fries.