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I'm 16 years old. I have Asthma and seasonal allergies. Lately I've been having this chronic migraine, stuffy running nose, ear pain followed with sensitivity to sounds, a sore throat, and a cough producing mucus. Both the snot from my nose and mucus from my mouth are colored, but the mucus is yellow and the snot is neon green. Now a month ago I had the walking pneumonia. They gave me a recuse inhaler and a five day steroid antibiotic. I did as they instructed, but they said it might come back. I had some of these symptoms then. but I don't remember having all of them then. I have no idea what I have.


If you know please respond as soon as possible.


Finely cut up garlic and let it rest in open air for 10 minutes. Put in a slasa and eat it chips. Eat about 10 cloves of raw garlic before bed time. Be careful it will burn your mouth but you may chew bread or chips with the garlic and salsa.

Also use bottled water or boiled water from tap with sea salt and mix 4 cups of that together. Use it as a nasal rinse and that should do the trick. In a week it is all gone!!!.

Garlic kills everything, my grandmother swore by it and it took me years to believe. I got rid of all my issuse a few months ago with no medication.

Which only masks the symtoms as usual while doctors take your money