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hello last year i had a bad cold and was coughing up grennish flem the doctor told me it was when i was sleeping running from my nose now i have white flem with this cold i have been taking cold pills should i see a doctor


If this is just a common cold, there is no need for seeing a doctor nor for taking any sorts of pills. Colds are caused by viruses and nothing you take can shorten the length of the time you have to spend in bed resting. Some of the most common symptoms of ordinary cold are mucus buildup in your nose, difficulty breathing through your nose, swelling of your sinuses, sneezing, sore throat, cough and headache! If fever is present, it is usually a mild one. A person usually has to stay in bed for a week but may have some of the symptoms for another week.

So, like I previously said, nonprescription cold remedies or nonprescription antihistamines may help reduce symptoms a little bit but it won’t do you much good and some of them can even cause side effects.
What you should do is get some rest, drink a lot of fluids, gargle salt mixed with warm water if you have a sore throat and you may take aspirin or acetaminophen if you have a fever or a headache.
Having a cold makes you more prone to bacterial infections of the ear or sinuses and if you develop additional symptoms like high fever, swollen glands, sinus pain, and a cough with mucus, you should see a doc for a check up and antibiotic treatment.
Don’t take antibiotics otherwise.