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In the past few months I have been experiencing extremely weird pains. I will get extreme bad bladder pains, that feel like period pains but ten times worse. I get migraines, and I am constantly tired. I go from having extremely bad diharah (or however you spell it) to rarely needing to go to the toilet. I'm constantly exhausted yet find it impossible to sleep, and am experiencing restless legs as well as stomach pains, and I also am losing and gaining weight constantly, and not having much of an appetite, yet I love food. :( please help. :(


My mom had something like this!! Are you sure your not allergic to dairy? She found out at the age of 62 that she was allergic to dairy products, but maybe it is something else you are eating and you don't even know about. Maybe pay attention to your diet and see when it is happening more. I hope you find out what it is I use to feel so bad for my mom she would be in the bathing crying, not knowing why it was happening and I would feel so helpless.