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I started smoking Weed for a few month and decided to quit to get my head on straight. The day after I quit, I started experiencing Extreme Cramps and stomach pain, above my belly button and the lower left side, I havent had any appetite what so ever, I have to force myself to eat and when I do I can only put down a few crackers before the pain comes back with a vengance. All I drink is water, putting down atleast 6 bottles aday. I have had really bad diarrhea, after a few days the diarrhea has stopped but the stomach cramps are unbareable. I have felt really gassy, burping uncontrollable. I have to breath heavy constantly to keep myself sane because the pain is bad. I get chills, in face, stomach, and legs when the pain is really bad. I havent had any problem falling asleep, but constantly waking up in the middle of the night from the extreme cramps and cold sweats. As for anything mental, im 100% good, I dont want to smoke, I dont have any mental withdrawls. I just want to figure out this problem and maybe anything that would help me get my appetite back. 




The stomach pain is caused by smoking pot on a regular daily basis and smoke traveling to your stomach while inhaling, this can irritate your stomach lining and cause stomach ulcers in some cases. You dont notice this effect while being a smoker because daily pot smoking masks this side effect until you stop.