Hi I am new to this sight.
My daughter will be 18 years old this june. For the past 3 years or maybe more she has been complaining about unbearable stomach pains. Before it was discomfort but it has gotten to the point that she is experiencing shortness of breath.
Our family doctor has sent her to get x-rays, blood work, ultrasound and they have not found anything.
I mean it is good in a way, but when my daughter suffers this pain I feel helpless.
The stomach doctor said that the ultrasound showed only a small zist and he said he was not concerned with it. I mentioned to him that she was experiencing shortness of breathe he said that maybe with the pain she was getting worked up about it. He did prescribe her a medicine called PREVACID 30mg. Anyways my daughter took her first pill this morning and by the afternoon the ambulance was called to the scholl because she was pale, weak and had fainted in the washroom.
She was taken to the hospital because her blood pressure was high.
To make the long story short after waiting in the emergencye ward for 3 hours, they checked her heart rate and said it was good, they did blood work and said it was fine and released her.
My daughter's teacher said to my wide that she had the same symptoms for quite some years and no one found anything with her either and according to her it turned out to be her gulbladder.
Apparently it was removed and she is fine now.
Can someone shed some light on what could be the problem?

A concerned father