I was assaulted in 2006 with a ice pick which penetrated thrugh my nose bridge and injured the nerves behind my left eye. initially i could not see any thing and the eye was closed, but as a result of gental and continiuos massaging the area above the eye on my forehead and scalp, the eye has opened and regained partial function, i can move the eye ball a little and have partial peripheral vison.

now of late, i have been experiencing a pressure build up behind the eye ball resulting in sever pain that is behind the eye ball and the immediate area surrounding the eye. initially i thought it was a variation of the migrains i sometimes had when i did not eat for a prolonged period of time. but now it is becoming a diffrent picture all together, i feel pressure behind the eye ball if i bend over looking down, and ususally after 4-5 hours of work (i work in a kitchen includes a lot of bending over or looking down) it becomes a bad pain some timesd feeling like my eye will pop out.

got the eye pressure checked, it was ok, the eye specialist said it was a migraine.

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.