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Since feb I have had a rhythmic pressure in my eyes every 30 sec. It lasts for 7-8 secs so i virtually feel like I have it 24/7. It worsens when driving and I can't get on computer or iPad only smaller iPhone screen but still tough. Sometimes the it's sure goes to my head and it feels like my brain is swirling . Have had every test known to man and nothing shows. This is my new normal:(( anyone have something like this?


Rhythmic eye pressure is also known as Nystagmus. In your case, maybe you acquired it from injury or disease, if not present at birth. It is caused by the abnormal function of the brain that controls the eyes, or some other eye conditions like cataracts. Go to an eye professional to determine the type of Nystagmus you are experiencing, and so be given the right prescription. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are two treatments that can improve this eye condition.