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ok. about two weeks ago in my left eye- i woke up and it was stinging almost like something was in my eye. every time i blinked my eye would water. it hurt bad. more than that it was annoying. i went to doctor he called me a liar but also told me i had 20/20 vision. he said the only thing i think it could be is a sty. and to put hot wash cloth on it. well i only put it on twice but in a couple of days was gone.

this morning i woke up and my left eye was kind of doing the same thing. but didnt hurt as bad. i had blurry vision( and was freaked out thinking i was going blind)(lol) so it ticked me off enough that i put a washcloth on it warm then cold bc i called my mom and she said only do cold. so i fell asleep. woke up and it was better. i was so relieved. until my right eye started doing it. it doesnt hurt at all. t isnt really watering either. its just blurry. i can still see its just more blurred then 20/20. ive tried a washcloth and it wont go away. my whole eye ball almost hurts like maybe theres pressure behind it?

im 20. only med im on is to keep my thyroid in line bc i had radioactive iodine done. has anyone ever had this happen to them before?
my head hurts on my right side straight up from ear on that half side of the head. and earlier hurt on right side in back of head. %-) its not a really bad headache but its just annoying. and probably aint helping that im worrying about it.


this happened to me today. im curious, did it come back since 2009? my eye was blurry in left eye then went away and 1 hr later happened to my right eye. it was bad where i got dizzy when walking....what is going on lol!!!