About 2 weeks ago i ate my tea, when i took my last mouth full i sudden threw up for not reason and felt sick for the rest of night. A week later i had neck pain and a swollen gland (had this for 2 days) i felt hot. That went away however 2 days later i experienced a flash of light in my right eye then a bad headache with stabbing pain behind my eye. This went on for 2 days, agian i ate tea and threw up and my head and stabbing pain behind my eye got worse. I went to the hospital and they checked the pressure in my right eye which was 40 after drops it decreased to 22 thent o 17 last time it was checked it was 11. I have been to the eye clinic they have given be anti inflammatory drops. I have been using them for 4 days now. Today i was cleaning my car with my head forward and ever since i have been feeling very nauseas very since with a headache minus eye stabbing pain.