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For some while now I've suffered from eye strain in my right eye. My opthalmologist can see no serious reason why but has increased my prescription for the right eye - it is now -1.5 (left) and -2.50 -0.50 (right). Since wearing these new glasses for distance (driving, tv, theatre) my vision is excellent but when I'm not wearing them I'm still getting the eye strain in the right eye only.

My eyes are healthy but what is causing the discomfort? And now that my prescription is stronger, why am I still getting it after I take off my glasses? I don't get this when I'm wearing them. Why?


Hello there

I am not sure if this is going to help you but I can share my experience with you.

 Eyestrain usually causes aching sensation around and behind the eyes. After these first sensations symptoms of eyestrain can progress into a generalized headache. For me it was very painful when I was trying to focus my eyes. My doctor has informed me that eyestrain is usually a result of overuse of the eyes for some activities which are requiring close and precise focus. These activities include reading, sewing or using the computer.

I have this problem because my work is related to my computer. I have bought one of those filters and I am trying to look away from the computer from time to time. I hope this was helpful.