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Some yerts back,I noticed that I had some eye problems.I took it lightly thinking that I could be just because of less sleep.Now,when I've got my eyes checked that I found that deteriorated worst.The doctor diagnosed it to -2.75  and he said that it is very serious and that no recovery could be attain even if I wear glasses for years.I wanted to know tha:t is it true? and are there  other solution apart glasses and surgical ones.?


Hi Jad,

As we get older our eyes to tend to worsen.  The lenses in the eyes tend to get harder, not as pliable, so not as easy to focus.  Then there is the possibility of cataracts too.  The end result, you tend to get more farsighted, your near vision worsens, than when you were younger.

Surgery may be an option if you don't want glasses or contacts.

In my experience as you get older glasses correct your vision.  They do not make the eye better or stronger.

If you have not seen an opthamologist then do so.  An optician or optometrist, while perfectly competent at checking your eyes and fitting glasses is not an MD.  There may be an underlying condition causing your vision to worsen.