I am a 27year old male from Ireland. 3years ago i started work in a medical device company and my job involves using microscopes very frequently ( from3to10 seconds approx at a time,2to3times each minute) during an 8 hour day with 2 breaks of either 20mins or 35mins spread out during the day. also, my work can involve close-up scrutiny of small objects with the naked eye, at the same frequency.

Around 6 months in i started to notice the vision in my right eye becoming blurred after a day using a microscope, after which i realised that when using the microscope, i mostly seemed to be taking in the image from my right eye, if i closed my left eye, there was little difference from both eyes being open, but if i closed my right eye, the image from my left eye seemed noticeably different from my perception with both eyes open. also, it seemed that the pupil in my right eye had become smaller & less round than the left, and there was a small lack of symmetry in the shape of my eyes(how the eyelids fell, one seems slightly sunken).

Around a year and a half in i decided that i would get glasses to help my vision when driving, etc. The glasses do clear up my vision and the optician advised me to wear them when using the microscope. but my eyes stung if i wore them too long outside of work and i felt that if i wear them all day in work while using microscopes i would only compound the problem, that adding another lens in front of my eye couldn’t make things better.

So since then I’ve tried various different techniques to limit the strain on my eyes in work, or more specifically, To even out (the strain & degradation on) my eyes. I’ve tried not using the microscopes and using the naked eye, but because my right eye is stronger i suspect I’ve only strained one of my eyes even more, just in a different way. I’ve tried using just my left eye in the microscope and with the close-up inspections without the microscope but my eye's vision and how they appear to be shaped and positioned in my eye sockets still continues to lose symmetry with each other.

In general, Both eyes have receded back somewhat , But my right eye is more prone to feeling strained whether after the strain of work or not. its vision is sharp up-close(up to 4inches away approx) but is blurred at distances. Physically, it seems to be more sunken in and/or flattened than the left eye, or the left eye is bulging out more, I don’t know.

The left eye seems more naturally bulbous. Its vision is blurred somewhat up-close but sharp and clear at distances. I usually don’t suffer any pain or strain in my left eye.

I don’t mean to ramble on too much but if any one has insight into my problem I felt there was no harm in divulging all details.

My main questions are:

Is my condition common?

Is there any treatments or procedures available that can reshape my eyes back into symmetry?

Is there glasses or a contact prescription that can help in binging back the physical symmetry of my eyes as well as correcting the focus?

Sorry for the epic letter. Any information any one may have would be much appreciated.