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We noticed that my 3 year old daughter's right eye began turning in toward her nose (esotropia) about 3 months ago. It started ever so slightly and would do this only when she was very tired or had just woken from sleep. We have seen 3 different opthamologists and have received 3 different diagnoses. The last doctor said the majority of these cases are due to hypertropia, or far sighted ness, but he tested her for that and she does not have it. Her vision is fine. He is concerned that it is something serious and wants to see her back in 2 weeks. He wants to do a cat scan to see if the problem is neurological. In all my reading I cannot find much about esotropia that comes and goes. Her right eye will turn in anywhere from several minutes to the majority of the day.
Have you encountered this problem and what course of action do you recommend from here? We currently live overseas and are considering coming back to the states to have her seen there. Thank you.


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Hello! My daughter was just given eyeglasses to correct the problem. Unlike your daughter, she was found to be farsighted and this condition has led to intermittent esotropia. They told us this should solve the problem because it is just a small degree of misalignment.

Before she was found to be farsighted, they told us that if the problem was intermittent and that if eyes were straight during some time of the day, that her brain should probably allow normal eye functioning and that she would be treated with either special glasses or vision therapy.
I was afraid that they will suggest some sort of surgery but I was told that was usually the last option.

I did some reading and realized that esotropia can result from certain injuries like brain or eye muscle injuries.

I wouldn’t want to make any suggestion because I am no expert, but maybe you should let the doc do the cat scan and really see if the problem was neurological.


Did you ever find out what was wrong with your daughter? This sounds just like my 2 1/2 year old. Her right eye started crossing in slightly about 6 months ago. She may wake up and be fine or crosssed, then take a nap and wake up crossed or fine. It varies. She will stay the same all day until waking up. However she wakes up is how she will be the rest of the day. We've been to 2 dr.'s and have an appt with a 3rd. Nobody know for sure what this is. She has had an MRI and it was fine, we've tried patching and glasses. Her vision is perfect! She may need surgery, but I dont want to do that unless the dr.'s are completely sure that this will help.

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