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Hi there,

I work with computers pretty intensely for about 6 hours of the day and i'm around them nearly all day. I've been like this for the past 3 years approx due to work.

I've struggled with my eyes the last 6 months. For about a month or two i was getting extreme sharp pain in my left eye and after a while of that i decided to go to the opticians. They prescribed me some glasses (astigmatism left eye, short sightedness right eye) but it was a very weak prescription and for the first few weeks i was taking them on and off and getting insane eye strain because i didnt realise they were meant to be worn all the time. There was nothing wrong with the eye, no cancer or anything like that was found. I started wearing them all the time and accepting them - these are my first pair of glasses. The eyestrain went away and i continued about my business.

I also started taking green lipped mussle powder (omega3) that is apparently supposed to be really good for eyestrain and better than flax seed oil. Okay, i took that for about a month and a half and then i made a pretty awesome change in my life - i turned vegan. I've been vegan for about a month and a half and ive been taking flaxseed oil with a b12 multivitamin daily. My diet is amazing and full of good vitamins (i have a green smoothie daily w/ avocado/spinnach/arugula/banana/melon) and a selection of several healthy meals for lunch/dinner.

All was good until a week ago when i started getting eye strain again. Please note that the problem has always been in my left eye (the one with astigmatism and also theo ne that was getting constant sharp pains) and one thing ive noticed about that eye is there is a sort of yellow lining concealed below the eyelids that has been there for a long time. It is in my right eye too but to a much much lesser extent. Its not like my eyes are yellow, they're white, but when i lift up or lower my eye lids i can see the yellow lining. Anyone know what this is?

Also, any idea why i would start getting eye strain again? The day i started getting it i had no extended usage and i think i even had fairly minimal usage that day.

Im sorry for the essay but i felt i should completely describe how my eyes are and perhaps that will aid you in suggestions and help you explain what the yellow under my eyelids is?





First thing, where are you going for your glasses? I'm not trying to knock opticians but you'd do much better with an optometrist (OD) for your prescription or an opthamologist (MD) if you have an eye disease. The optometrist is a doctor, an optician is not. There is more to the eye than just fitting a lens. An optometrist will take the time to do a thorough evaluation of what exactly is going on and has much more experience with correcting your sight.

I've also found that the lenses can cause problems. I can't use some of the super lightweight lenses as they make the edges blurry. Also, get the lenses coated, it reduces reflections which can cause eye strain.

I've been wearing glasses (or contacts) since age 3, strabisimus (crossed eyes, corrected surgically). I still have an astigmatism. Until 3 years ago, I had the same prescription. I still see the same opthamologist that operated on me then. I've tried other places and always end up back with him.

Hope it helps.