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i am 26 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with myopia of -1.0. a year back i was completedly fine in my vision. last year i started a new job which required my to spend about 8-10 hours every day on the computer. i know that this is the cause of my reduced eye vision. the doctor told me that wearing my glasses constantly for a year will get my vision back, is this true? i also did some research on my own and found some alternative eye exercises to improve vision, is this possible?

if not, how can i get my vision back to normal? what happens if i don't wear my glasses? can i get back my eyesight by some good dietery habits? if so, what kind of food should be eaten to improve the eyesight?


urgh; I absolutely hate being myopic as well.

Apparently putting too much strain on our eyes means that its muscles tense into a short length so that we can focus on close images.

Yep, I wish people would tell us these things.

Err, I've done a bit of self research right, but either some articles are really ambiguous or polarised. Some say that you can't correct it, others say that it is reversible.

OK, so I used to wear my glasses quite often and my eyes worsened.

Then I wore them very occasionally, at school when I couldn't see the board or TV.

I took fish oil as well.

But I can't ascertain whether my eyes have actually improved this half year. But, it hurts my eyes whenever I put my glasses back on which is reassuring.

My sister was long-sighted, but, it's improving. So I'm presuming very vaguely, that myopia will also reduce over time if you don't do a lot of close work, or just try to minimise it as much as possible.

If you're doing close computer work, figure out a system to look away from the screen say...every 15 mins or so and do some eye exercises like focusing on something far away or rolling our eyes around really fast.

Hope this was somewhat helpful!


My father had a similar problem. His eyesight was completely fine until he started working long hours making blueprints and such. When the company went bankrupt and closed he no longer had to strain his eyes for extended periods of time and his eyes "cured" themselves. In this situation it is completely obvious that the cause of myopia was the extended strain of near sighted work and when the cause was gone, so was the problem. I'd recommend that you take frequent breaks to relax your eyes from too much close work by taking a 10 second break to focus on something in the distance so your eyes can relax.


Please can I have a reply to the above e-mail, thanks.