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For quite a while now I have been experiencing a large amount of eye tiredness that starts just an hour after I get up, and goes through the entire day. In addition, the muscles above my eyes, around the forehead, hurt as if I had been awake for days. The combination just make me feel exhausted (to the point where my eyes will close without me having a say in the matter), though I have plenty of physical energy, and mentally I am fine, though the aching in the muscles gets me off track.

As far as physical activity, I bike around 30 miles a week right now. I am a computer science major, so I spend 3-6 hours a day in front of a computer. I do not wear glasses of any kind, eyes are very close to 20-20 (I think my left eye is just barley off).

I would closely relate what I am experiencing to the same feeling you get after looking at a screen in a dark room for 8+ hours. 



Hei there!


Could it be your eyes are really DRY? perhaps using eye drops coupple of times per day will reduce the pain and all, unless you have some eye infection.

Do you get tears/do you cry sometimes?

Either way, you should see an eye doc to confirm what is the best option for you and what really is causing this. But meanwhile when you get to the doc, try the eye drops :)