I have been wearing contacts for about a year n a half now, for myopia. I was on daily disposables, and my recent trip to the optometrist is having me test out monthly disposables (which do overall, "feel" better than dailies). However, he also put me on a different diopter saying my eyes had a smidge of a change. However, I was noticing a slight blurriness with these and went back for a check-up and ended up back on my old diopters.

Ok, lets back up a year... I was noticing that when I went on road trips, and needed to drive for more than an hour, my eyes were straining really bad with contacts to the point I was getting a headache, nauseous and so tired I absolutely had to stop driving. Even if I drive 10 minutes, I'll notice the strain kicking in. Now, with these new ones, the strain is worse. And I'm noticing that not only is it worse when I drive, but I think it is pinpointed to my eyes shifting from the far images to the near things (like words, mostly), and I think the shifting is causing the strain. After all, I only need the contacts/glasses to see far away, not up close, but I do prefer wearing the contacts to avoid sweating and fumbling with the glasses, as well as, a wider view of sight (IE: overall better for driving than glasses are).

My dilemma is, what is the solution for this problem? After dealing with it for a year, it is obvious it is not something my eyes will just "get use to." In fact, the past 3 weeks, it's been detrimental to my well-being with all the nausea its causing. Also, I did pass the bifocal test in that, I don't need bifocals b/c my eyes WILL focus on near things in contacts, despite the strain it causes.

Any suggestions? Does anyone know if there are certain contacts I should be testing out specifically for this? Or is it muscle eye related and mostly something contacts can't fix? (I do think ilasik would fix the problem, but I won't be getting that for another year or 5).