I had a TKR in feb 2012 and continued to have swelling and unstableness for the next year. My patella was also malaligned and the surgeon did a Lateral Release a year later which was unsuccessful. I went to another Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in revisions and he said the implant was loosening from the cement and I should have it replaced Which I did in March, 2014. Needless to say, this revision turned out worse than the first because I had uncontrollable bleeding in my knee and I had to have blood aspirated 3 times with the 3rd time having a pint of blood removed from my knee. The Dr. took me back to surgery and did some cleanup, removed scar tissue as well doing a partial Lateral release along with cauterizing the bleeding veins to my knee. He also repositioned my patella as it was still maligned. Several weeks later I was re-admitted to the hospital a 3rd time due to more extreme swelling of my knee as well as have many different tests done by a Hemotologist. everything came back negative so I was sent home but the knee is still swollen 3-4 inches bigger than my normal knee. I've gone to a vascular Dr for several tests which are all normal as well as having an LTT panel test done out of my own pocket for allergy to any components put in my knee. These all came back within the normal range with the exception of Nickel which was only midly reactive to reactive. The problem with that is, there is no Nickel in my knee. I've been to 2 other Orthopedic Surgeons and they all say it's too early to do anything due to all the trauma my knee has been through. Now it's almost a year later and my knee still looks like I have a softball inside of it. I am at my wits end! Does anyone have any suggestions for a Surgeon that may specialize in this type of situation that has had good results? n