I had a total hip replacement (right) in 2003 at 43 years old (female). I am being scheduled for a total hip revision of this replacement in a few weeks due to continued dislocations of this arthroplasty that began immediately after the original surgery. There have been a total of at least 10 dislocations and have occurred in many diffferent situations, none of which were due to the inappropriate movement of the hip joint. One time, just while sitting and lifting the affected leg several years after the surgery. Once while getting in a vehicle. So there has been no one situation that causes this - which makes it very scarey to do anything. I have been working in Iraq in support of the military the past 6 years and yes, I had been cleared to do my work - Licensed Journeyman Electrician. I am a former nurse, so I do have alot of information that I have researched on my own, but there are some questions to which the answers cannot find

My questions have to do with the revision surgery:
1. Length of time it actually took for the surgery
2. Rehab issues - worse/better or same as original surgery
3. Ability to take care of one's self as I did with the original surgery as I have no one to assist at home
4. All information relating to anything that has to do with this revision surgery lol

Anyone that has ANY information - it would 'all' be appreciated greatly. My left knee has been a constant issue as well - only getting worse over the past 10 years...with grinding, clicking, and pain that can only be described as razor blades under the kneecap with movement. This is the 'good leg' that I will be depending on for this new rehab.

Thanks to all for your help. :D Please feel free to email at my personal email address as well as addressing it here.