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Please can you help me, I did an early pregnancy test 6 days before my period was due, it was the first sample of the day and a faint positive came up straight away. I did another this afternoon again an early detector and it was negative. My husband and I have been trying now for 4 and a half years, I have been to see a specialist and a few months ago he gave me chlomid but it did not work. I have had all symptoms like sore nipples, heavy tender breasts, cramping, fluttering, feeling sick, metallic taste in my mouth, feeling weak, discharge, constant trips to the toilet more so at night, constant tiredness. In all the years of constant trying i have never ever had these symptoms before. Its driving me crazy, I know your going to say wait to see if i have a period but i have heard off many people that the only way for a positive to show is for HCG to be present in urine. I am due for my period in 4 days time, this seems like a lifetime away and i dont think i can bear another negative result.

Please help. lisa


This is just a reply to my previous post thats above. I had my period 2 days early and i am usually regular, my period was very heavy and it finshed after a day and a half, usually i have slight traces afterwards but there is just nothing at all. My boobs are still hurting 5 days later and my nipples keep hurting. I still have the metallic taste in my mouth. i just dont understand what is going on, i spoke to the hospital the day my "period" came and i asked how i can get a positive pregnancy test and all the symptoms then my period, they said i might of had an early miscarriage but why am i still getting symptoms???