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Hi there,

I'm desparate here. For the past two and a half years i have had recurrent episodes of fainting, dizziness, numbness/tingling in the mouth when the episodes occur, heavy legs (as if there are weights attached to me), and extreme fatigue. December 2010: I had hit my head on the back of my friends truck. He was driving me along with other friends so we would have to walk to our cars parked awhile down the road. I ended up going home and woke up that night with the feelings listed above and end up vomiting. As days progressed, i felt better and just figured it was a minor concussion or something I ate.

Jan. 2011: I was at my apartment and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night. I felt as though i was going to get sick, my heart was racing, felt dizzy, thirsty, and as i walked around, i immediately fainted and felt the above symptoms. It was extremely scary. I thought i was having a stroke from not being able to grip onto things such as door handles or even hold a phone. I had a physical that was due to the college of nursing in Toledo and they didn't pass me because of these symptoms I was having. I told them though, it occurred without knowing why. I would wake up from a dead sleep and have these feelings. I could be working in the hospital and all the sudden feel as though i was going to faint if I were in a patient's room. That being said, they performed a EKG (normal), a echocardiogram (normal) and I wore a holter monitor for a month and of course they didn't catch anything other than occasional tachcardic rhythms. I left it alone and I gave up trying to figure this out. However, just recently, early thursday morning of thanksgiving, i had a really bad episode of these symptoms. This time, I didn't feel like the others I have experienced. I woke up around 4:30am, needed to use the restroom, and all the sudden, i felt as though I was going to pass out. My mouth went numb and was tingling, I couldn't barely walk, I was confused and I was shaking uncontrollably. I laid in bed with my sister until I was able to walk again. This time, I would be fine for about a half hour and it would keep occurring. The shakiness, dizziness, feelings of fainting, and heavy legs. Friday after thanksgiving, Another episode. Saturday, weak, ill, tired, unable to eat, etc.

My dad wanted to take me to the ER because I continued to be confused and having these episodes. 

Tuesday: I went to the doctor. My blood was drawn and the only thing he could find was an extremely low vitamin D. I had an MRI without contrast and that showed no demyelination in the brain, no tumors, nothing from when i hit my head. Any ideas would be appreciated. I see my doctor again on December 16th. He is going to order the proper tests to check for any adrenal insufficiencies. The thing is, my TSH came back fine. From my understanding, that doesn't matter. There are 3 other tests for the thyroid that need to be check to rule out a thyroid issue. 

Thank you!


The good news is that you've been to a doctor and had some tests run. But since you still don't have an answer, you haven't had the correct test. This could also be blood pressure related. It could also be blood glucose related. Has your doctor suggested that you check your blood sugar when these symptoms occur? Thirst is an indicator, as well as the dizziness, fainting, numbness/tingling that it may be a blood sugar issue. Glucose levels will drop at night and cause sweating if blood sugar gets too low. You mention that you were "unable to eat?" Do you mean you didn't feel like eating or that you thought you would get sick if you did?