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Hello :)
I've got quite a serious problem I'd like to tell you about - before I start though:

I realise it is an issue that needs serious medical help, I am in the process of research and tests being done and I'm doing all I can and carry out exactly what my doctor says. Do not worry about that, I just want to ask about your experiences, as I know it's quite common in other forms. Thank you.

So, to cut a long story short, I faint. I faint a lot. It happens suddenly, without any warning: I usually get 30sec to realise what's happening and the time when I'm "asleep" varies from one up to ten minutes. I don't have to feel bad on the day I faint, it's just as if it didn't depend on nothing. My blood pressure is normally very low [90/50 is common and perfectly normal] and it isn't lower on the day I faint. It also doesn't seem to be depending on my diet, doesn't matter what or how much I eat. I noticed, though, that it may have to do something with strong emotions I'm feeling - when stressed, I'm more likely to feel faint or loose conciousness - I might as well be wrong, though. It hasn't always been while feeling extremely strong emotions, sometimes I was perfectly calm.

I wanted to ask anybody out there, as I heard it's quite common in mid teens, how do you deal with it? Do you have any particular ways to stop fainting or limit the number of faints?
Also, what do you feel, when you faint? Is it pleasant or rather awful to you? I've learnt that experiences can differ unbelievably between people, that's why I'm asking - just out of curiosity.

Thank you in advance, it means a great deal to me.

And forgive me my bad English, please. I'm still just learning. If you like, I would be grateful for any gramatical corrections you feel that need to be made in the above text.

Take care,
Magdalena. :)


Hi, just read your post and my daughter is going through the same thing. Her's happens with no real warning and she feels awfaul after for a day or two. She has been to a neurologist and a cardiologist and they have found nothing. She keeps herself hydrated and trys to eat ever few hours but she keeps fainting and is getting fed up with it. I'm really not sure where to go next. Everyone keeps saying its a teen thing, but it seems more than that to me. This can't be normal.


I have been fainting a lot also. When ever I get up to fast and start walking I gas tart to black out and sometimes that's it, but lately I black out, start to shake and fall to the ground...I have no idea what it is. It might be low bLoos pressure, I haven't really told any one about it. And I'm not sure what to do.