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I used Tescos HPT today during lunch after my period which is usallu 1week on- 3 weeks of is 2 weeks overdue. I suffered cramping and that period feeling on the day it was due to arrive and even yday.

The only contact ive had is fooling around with bits in contact with each other but NO PENETRATION. I'm still pretty intact.

I read on tons of pages that it was an extremely low possibility/very rare to get pregnant this way yet i've just tested STRONGLY POSITIVE

When i say that i mean...i hadn't even followed the instructions through i.e. after allowing it for 10 seconds in stream of urine, put cap back on, lie flat blah blah...

I am reaching for the cap and it was also clear as clear can be

Is this just out of this world? Unbelievable? Am i suffering something else? SOme other thing causing this positive result?

My chest area seems to have enlarged and thats the only noticable thing as well as no period and cramps....

I wrong can a positive test be?

It didnt even take a minute for the was as soon as the flow had been done was showing as two big lines



I just want to know whether my bubble will burst anytime soon


Dear Shocked,

If you have gotten a positive pregnancy test you need to see your doctor immediately. They will do a blood test and measure the level of HCG in your blood. Depending upon the levels will depend on how positive the positive is, most doctors from my understanding consider 25 to be positive.

Once that is established, then you can decide what names to pick from there, or if you need names at all.

Some HPT's can pick up the HCG that certain types of Ovarian cysts can secrete. If you are concerned check with 2 more HPT's and hopefully you get the same response. But go see your doctor, you might be suprised as to how far along you actually are if you are pregnant!

Hoping to welcome you to the mommy club! I'm 12 weeks pregnant myself.


Could you tell me which brands of HPTs to try?

I have done the Tescos one

Ovarian cysts : %-)

Would they result in period type cramping and no period? i mean similar symptoms?

Thanks for that......i havent even registered with a Doctor as im in a new area....would i be able to class this as a medical emergency? or do i just wait for registration n so forth

Could i go family clinics?


That is true..Certain Ovarian cysts can register a positive on a preg test!

If you are always late or irregular on your period, you very well could have cysts.

If you do not feel comfortable seeing your regular doctor, you can go to planned parenthood without parental consent. They often have free and especially low cost services for teens.


I tested again....

I am ALWAYS regular....never had a problem with periods at all

AGAIN clearblue showed positive

Will go to the DR and let you know


Dear Shocked,

Let me know what a doctor says, I will be away for awhile having surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst of my own. I am 12 weeks pregnant. When I am feeling well enough I will attempt to follow up on your posts.


Immortal - i most certainly will as i think it is VERY important that if pregnancy does occur in this way - then it starts to become documented. I read too much information which was diminishing the chances or just explaining them away as theory.

I could count on my hands the encouters i have had ( not that many ) and i feel i am pregnant, i know i am pregnant....



My breasts have enlarged
I feel wiped out
My period which in 14 years has NEVER been late is not here
I have been extremely irate

Further to this although i understand cysts can go undectected - id be amazed if id suddenly started suffering the above symptoms at around the same time i think i concieved.

As i say i did TWO tests from differing brands and these were late on the in day - instant positives

I do have a little doubt but ONLY by reading about the possibility of cysts....but as i say, in 14years of having a menstrual cycle...i have been late TWICE only. I am regular as regular can be....annoyingly so. I have been through major depression, chance in name it, but periods were always on time.

Last time i had my period was 6th January.

Today is 15th February.

I should have started around 1/2/3rd ....

I even got cramping on those dates where i thought i was due to start, and even later on...

I am convinced this is pregnancy because my body has started to change and i dont think that its suddenly started doing so because of'd be such a coincidence.

Anyways to remove ALL DOUBT off to get registered at the doctors tomorrow :-)


ANY kind of genital rubbing together can cause pregnancy.

NO penetration is necessary, and this is WIDELY KNOWN!

THIS is why we tell ALL women to use birth control or condoms, because if sperm is anywhere NEAR Your vagina, you can become pregnant.



Widely known? It is most definetly misreported across the internet which is quite dangerous. I am talking from personal experience as when i suspected pregnancy i spent HOURS researching ( on the internet only though ) and all i came across was people laughing it away as nonsensical. Even more sophisticated doctors and questions sites were putting it down to 'theoretically possible' as if it was not really gonna happen.

I AM delighted i am pregnant.

However i worry about those people who rely on content on the internet and use it as a basis for non-protection in day to day life.

Today i suffered morning sickness. This is pregnancy. No cysts.

I do have an appointment on Monday with the Drs and once i've got it confirmed confirmed by the Doctor - i shall come back and let you all know :-)

And of course i'm gonna go on every site i visited in my research and make it clear it DOES HAPPEN

Thanks for the information though guys


Two positive pregnancy tests, missed period, increase in bust size, nausea, fatigue, digestive problems...........its gotta be a pregnancy :-)

The Drs surgery i registered at do not do tests themselves, and told me...that two positive pregnancy was pretty much 'given' i was pregnant

I have my scan end of march...

Good luck to me and everyone :-)


were you pregnant then. did your scan say you were


so whatever happened then? were you pregnant or not?


@ Shocked25

So were you pregnant? And what exactl ywas the fooling around you did that made u experience these symptoms??



What happened then?? was the pregnancy for sure?