Shaken by the traumatic event, many families in UK do not allow their loved ones to be put under knives and their organs removed although the deceased had signed up for an organ donation. Every tenth family decides to block the removal of organs from their loved ones who carried donor cards.
The new law will prevent them from making such decisions. Although this new law would cause anguish to many people, it seems that this decision is inevitable due to chronic shortage of organ donors.

Over 8,000 people in the UK are in a need of a transplant but because of the organ shortage, only around 3000 people get the new organs.
The new law will provide people an ability to donate organs to people who are not relatives and enable swap transplants between strangers with compatible tissue types.

Organs will be available only from those people joined the NHS Organ Donor Register, are carrying a card or have given advance consent to medical staff. However, if the deceased hasn’t signed anything or made his wishes clear, the relatives will be in charge of the decision.