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Your individual metabolism and activity levels will specifically dictate your needs but a rough guideline would be:

Your protein should be between 15 - 30 percent of your total caloric intake. One gram of protein will provide 4 calories.

For fats, stick with MONO-UNSATURATED fats and try to avoid saturated fats. Vary between 20 - 30 percent of your total caloric intake. One gram of fat will provide 9 calories.

Although carbohydrates are essential to proper nutrition, they should not exceed 40 - 50 percent of your total caloric intake -- unless you are an endurance athlete. One gram of carbohydrate will provide 4 calories, notice that’s the same as a gram of protein. Remember that protein is a little harder to digest and the process in itself will consume calories and offset some of the consumption so choose your caloric intake wisely.


First you didnt tell me how much calories you take daily. I hope that it is not below 2000, and even that is small. You must eat a lot. Try to eat more times a day it really helps even if it sounds simple. If your body burns calories fast then you should take 50 protein, 20 of fat and rest of that should be carbs.