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I am a 28 year old woman. I am 5'5" and weigh 133lbs. I want to weigh 115. I run 3 miles on the treadmill 5 days a week, do pilates two hours a week and on the days I don't have pilates I work either my arms or legs with the machines. As for food I eat egg whites, 1/2 grapefruit, whole wheat english muffin, and skim milk for breakfast. Low fat cheese for a snack. Hummus, cucumbers, crackers, and sugar-free jello pudding for lunch. Turkey burger and skim milk for dinner. (This is in general) I give my self one day a week to drink some beer and go out to dinner. I have really just made this plan up myself and would love some opinions. Also- how long till I get the body I've always wanted with a program like this?


I dont know I havent tried, but what really worked for me it just water in the mornings, and egg whites i think is to gain weight not to loose,
thats what I think,
well good luck with ur program


So basically you want to loose 18 pounds but you need to retain as much lean muscle mass as possible to keep your metabolism up and have "the body you've always wanted". Typically, you can safely loose around 2-3 pounds of fat per week without loosing much muscle so you should set yourself a goal of 9 weeks.

NOW... only weigh yourself once per week, at the same time of day each week, and keep in mind your bodyweight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds up or down in one single day! Also, depending on your monthly cycle, your water retention can play a part in this as well so your 'weight' should not be your primary concern. If you can have your bodyfat measured, this will be a more precise method to gauge your progress.

3 Miles per day 5 days per week is a lot of cardio. Cardio burns 'readily available energy' which usually translates to blood sugar that is stored in your blood stream and muscles. Most adults have about 20-30 minutes worth of readily available glycogen stored, after that your body will start to break down muscle to obtain it's energy. Fat cells are hard to break down and it can't be done quickly so you ARE NOT BURNING FAT during cardio, and doing more than about 30-40 minutes becomes counterproductive.

Pilates is good for muscle tone and flexibility but won't stimulate any new muscle growth or expend as many calories as resistance training. When you do resistance training with weights or machines, your metabolism is increased for about the next 8-12 hours depending on your intensity level of training because the body has to make repairs to all the muscle cells. When you do cardio training, your metabolism is only increased for about the next 6-8 hours so a combination of the two would be optimum.

Your diet looks pretty good and you seem to have a good plan on that. Without knowing your daily caloric needs, its hard to recommend a daily caloric intake but you can work that out yourself. Here are some suggestions to calculate it all out for yourself:

Multiply your DESIRED bodyweight times 10 for your basal caloric requirement.

If you are going to be slightly busy, multiply times 11.

On workout days, multiply by 12-14 depending on how much training you'll be doing.

Now, divide your calories into 3 basic groups: Protein, COMPLEX carbs, and MONO-Unsaturated Fats.

Protein should be around 35%.
Complex carbs should be around 40%
Mono-unsat fats should be around 25%.

Now, divide those numbers into the number of meals you will have that day (preferably 4 or 5 divided throughout the day). This will tell you what to shoot for at each meal.

115 pounds X 12 (moderate busy day) = 1,380 calories for the day.
1380 x 35%(protein) = 483 calories from protein.
1380 x 40%(carbs) = 552 calories from carbs.
1380 x 25%(fat) = 345 calories from fat.

If you are going to have 5 meals per day, here's what each meal should contain:
483 / 5 = 96 calories from protein (or 24 grams of protein)
552 / 5 = 110 calories from carbs (or 27 grams of carbs)
345 / 5 = 69 calories from fat (or 8 grams of fat)

Try to vary your caloric intake each day so your body won't adapt and stop responding. Choose 1 day per week to throw this out the window and eat whatever you want (as long as you still get your protein).

Starvation is the absolute worst thing anyone can do, it will trigger the release of all sorts of nasty hormones that will turn your body into a fat making machine; when you finally do eat, every calorie will be stored as fat.


beer actually will stop muscle growth so you should probably cut beer out of your program


sorry I messed up beer wont stop muscle growth it will only make it hard actually sorry your not a body builder don't listen to me haha