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Dear Sir,

Like others, i also like to do masturbate alot when i was 13 years old,in begining i like to do 2-3 times in a day and due to that m also sufering fm empty mind m also feeling that some one is pressing my eyes fm my forehead to lower down it also feels that their is gases in my forehead,so with all these feelings m not suppose to be 100% fit as m not been able to give full attention to my work to my family and my friends,i also feel very hot in my back in my whole body ..m also suffering fm constipation for last 4 years doctor just diagonose them i have gerd problem ..

Inspite of symptoms plz advise me what to do ,which medicine i have to take or any type of excercise or yoga which u think good for me to get rid of that empty mind situation m facing for many years ..M not been able to talk to any one in front of me ,m not able to drive car in day or it is impossible in the nights ..

I visit a lot of doctors some of them were Ent specialist as earlier i thought that this is due to blockage in nosel ,well blockage is itself their but doctor told me that this might not be the cause of empty mind problem ..

Plz help me out as my feelings are going to be worse and worse ..

If u need any further information plz let me know i will provide it to you ..

Looking fwd to have your possitive reply along with complete solution of my problem in detail ..

Many Thxs/Ali


It sounds as though Yoga would be very beneficial for you. Try joining a yoga class, I had similar empty feelings and It helped me a lot!

Loading... are getting very lethargic,and loosing your intrest i dont kno why coz information is insufficient....has it affected your memmory,behavior,appetite,emotinal changes??? i think you should start doing yoga,i realy works....and also try your self get into some sports activity,initialy it will be difficult but dont quit....
keep in touch


hey Ali..
all what u r experiencing is due to over masturbation. Overmasturbation tends to deplete serotonin levels in ur brains. This is because with numerous masturbations in a day, u will be losing sperms at a faster rate than ur body can produce, hence ur protein resevoirs in ur body n serotonin are used instead. This tremendously reduces the minerals n brain power..
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let me know how ur doin..
n lets share ideas. i got lots of stuff that can help u out..


Feeling of empty mind you must care of your self,you do exercise like yoga,mediation,also consult a doctor they give you a proper guidance,if you feel your mind empty then try to remember everything,don't be a blank your mind,do some activity you involved very much,as mentally,eating a food that help you like eat almond,some healthy food it help you,try to change your behaviour live happily,don't take stress it not good for you.