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Ist of all i will request u plz read this mail throuout must

Dear sir today i want to explain u about my personal life my personal self Sir basicaly i belong to a very reasonable,moral and polite middle class family that's why i didnt take any action for the sake of their selfrespect and never declared myself to anyone as a transgender but now then they took step for my marriage to a female i have to confused so much that how is it possible bcoz i have never felt any sexual feelings or emotions for any female in my total life then why do i destroy my and her life who will come. This new issue forced me to think about this that i must to try to acheive my real self real life which i always thought bcoz i m an educated person not illitrate like that people who r waisting thierseves as stage dancers behomosexual or related to any other corrupt feilds Sir i dont want to do this and never want to live my life as become a gay bcoz i dont not like that i m not proffesional and dont want to be like them i want to live myself in very peaceful atmosphere as being a good house wife bcoz i know i have too much guetts for being a good or well housewife then why m i destroy myself my wishes for the sake of people's prressure. Now i m in very trouble and want to put up myself from this comlicated situation inshort i have too much exuasted from my this duel life now i want to live my real life which my soul presented or demanded in which my real girly thoughts wishes,feelings and emotions survive.

i dont know why are these along me from my childhood but now i want to become fact them with the part of my life and not want to leave them ever as i told u in my ist mail that i always attracted from my childhood girly things girly chat,girly wearings and girly feelings that was a chilhood has finished but as the time passed when had i grown up that feelings looked be changed to emotions.Even males gave me too much atttraction in my youngest age bcoz i was too much cute and cool and the otherside girls never gave me any little attraction than boys in those days i had fallen in a sincere and real love with a boy who was my freind and he too involved me too much we wanted to get marry but that was not possible bcoz of that afterall he dishearted and gone to out of country.He left me alone for crying at that time i was in pieces and then after a long time i hold myself with very difficulties and then thought that now a time i should take any authentic way or step for my real wishing marrital life or future bcoz everything is possible in this world now not impossible and i collected money for purchase the computer only for the sake of this and it's my goodluck that ist day of my computer i got ur website from web search.
Sir i dont know why m i sharing everything of my personal life to u but i just know that my heart is saying and i m writing everything its all are going naturaly maybe u r the only that person who gave me God as a gift of my crying prayers, i dont know that u will do help me or not but its a fact i accepted u by heart as my guider as my teacher and as my own wellwisher i swear which m i saying its all are truth, not telling a lie even one percent not. i have too much inspired from u and ur emails give me more encouragement for doing this major step.
Sir if u have some little sympathies in ur heart for me for the sake of humanity so plz moraly u help me if u cant do in this low financial craiteria so plz advise me any best or perfect transgender doctor in pakistan who is eligible and expert in this line with proper medical facilities through ur refrrence .i will be very very thankful to u and will give u more prayers for u ur family and ur staff.

VEry very sorry i wasited ur so pricious time but remember me in ur prayers
God bless u and best of luck God give u more skills for doing well ur job
Thanx a lot
Your's sincerly



I’m sorry that I can’t help you with the exact names of the doctors and hospitals, for that you definitely need someone from your own country, but the regular procedure for transgender people to get approval for operation is that they first go through the psychological testing to determine if there is a real benefit from a sex change operation and only than you can go and see the doctor who will give you both hormonal treatment and therapy. But, I understand all the pressure that you are facing with your family situation and I really don’t know if the laws in Pakistan even allow such operations to be performed?