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Want a youthful face for the rest of your life for free? Give Yoga Facials a try!

Why Would Anyone Want to Try Yoga for the Face?

Ancient Medicine teaches us that the key to life-long health and beauty is a something that should be an everyday part of life. Just as a vehicle needs fuel and regular maintenance, so does the human body.  Skin care can be an expensive form of maintenance so why not start practicing doing a Yoga Facial?  

There are 43 muscles in the face. It takes about 26 muscles to smile and almost double to frown. With the tough economic times bringing everyone down, there is a whole lot of frowning happening. And, thankfully, after the last Video Music Awards the muscles used to raise eyebrows are being sufficiently exercised.  

Yoga is good for the body. Why not try it for your face?

The science of Yoga coincides with the laws of Physics: for every action there is an opposite reaction. Wrinkles are nothing more than the result of gravity taking a toll on your face. Marilyn Monroe said it best, ‘Eventually gravity catches up with all of us.’  

Have you ever noticed that a happy person has a glow about them? That glow comes from the muscles in the face being exercised. A good diet, regular exercise, plenty of water, and a way to relive stress is crucial for a long and fruitful life. Unfortunately, the stress and strain of life can start to show up on your face before any other part of the body.  Incorporating Yoga into your daily life will not only improve your core strength, but it will tighten and tone every muscle while  sharpening your mind.

Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul; it exhausted the body so you can quite your mind. A quite mind can do wonders for your stress level and turn frowns upside down. A smile is one way to tighten the nasal labia fold around your mouth.

Why not try to fight gravity using the 18 poses that makes up a Yoga Facial? You have nothing to lose! Here are a few examples of Yoga Facial Exercises:

Lion Face: Improves circulation in the face and releases tension from tight jaws- reduces headaches

Puppet Face: Lifts the lines found between your nose and lips-ideal for smokers

Twist Times Two: Increases the muscle tone of your face

Marilyn: Keeps lips from sagging

Surprise Me: Helps keep the lines smooth across the forehead

Brow Smoother: Smooth the fine lines around the eye

Buddha Face: Strengthens eye muscles and smooths out expression lines

Don’t forget to inhale before the pose and then exhale when you release the pose. 

The whole basis of any Yoga pose is the breath; Breathing is like batteries to the body. Deep breathing while holding a Yoga pose is what repairs and renews the body and mind. 
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