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my boyfriend and i had sex the other day and right after i felt really sick.  i felt sick to my stomach and really cold and dizzy. he gave me one of his jackets and a blanket but i was still really cold... is it normal to feel sick after sex? 


Hi skylersmirnov

Since sex is a vigorous exercise, it is quite common for women to face host of symptoms after sex. I will list few below -

It can trigger a piercing headache, flu-like symptoms, or even amnesia? From post-coital depression to post-orgasmic illness syndrome, here’s a look at some common (and oftentimes strange!) sexual sicknesses.

Some women feel temporary amnesia [memory loss]

Headache - What does a sex headache feel like? It usually starts as a dull pain in the head that can intensify as you build up to a climax, and it can last a few minutes up to half an hour. If you’re cursed with sex headaches, you may be able to beat them by popping a painkiller 30 minutes before you get intimate.

Post-sex depression is marked by feelings of sadness, anxiety, regret, and irritability. Researchers aren’t exactly sure what causes it, but it could be caused by a hormonal shift after reaching orgasm.

Can you be physically allergic to sex? Yes, if you’re among the one in every 40,000 women with a semen allergy. This sexual sensitivity is rare.

Have you ever experienced flu-like symptoms, headache, runny nose, painful muscles or joints, fatigue, and problems concentrating right after having sex? You could have post-orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS)

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection, you know the symptoms well. There’s the pain when you urinate, the need to go often, and the maddening feeling that you can’t completely empty your bladder.

Our bodies naturally contain a certain amount of yeast — but if those levels get out of control, you could end up with one big, itchy problem: A yeast infection. Women's yeast infections may be triggered by a change in pH from semen or a new lubricant.

Your vagina is chockfull of bacteria — some of it’s good bacteria (which helps control the bad kind), and some of it’s bad bacteria. But if the balance of good and bad bacteria gets upset, you could end up with a common vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis.

Hope this helps