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it all started 3 months ago. i suddenly started to feel really sick one morning and i started to heave but i wasnt sick. everyday since then ive had really serve sick feeling everyday. now its the 3rd month im started to get fed up. i have stomach ache head aches and i feel sick everyday. im only 16 years old and im not pregant. i havent been the doctors yet and i havent told my parents yet. please help!?!


    It might be because your diet. What you eat plays a huge roll in how you feel. The neurotransmitters in your brain, the chemicals that make you feel good and normal, will only be balance and level if your eating a good diet. Lots of fruit and veggies, and less milk, crackers, bread and junk food.

   Look into this tea called Yerba Mate. Its a super body tonic and will make you feel focused and alive. it will also help with your happy brain chemicals . Make you loose weight like a champ too. I promise! take care.