Hi, I am a 24 female and have been healthy for the most part exception of within the past 2 years. I got diagnosed with IBS when I was 12 and havent had a normal bowel movement since then. It wasnt so bad, because you start to get use to always having diarrhea. At the age of 18, I started having problems with dry heaving frequently and got diagnosed with GERDS and depression. The doctor put me on Omperzole & Zoloft. It seemed to help for the most part, and once I got felt better the doctor took me off of Zoloft, but just kept me on Omperzole. I use to never get sick or feel miserable ever since September of 2011, I feel sick almost everyday. I went to the ER during that month due to left side chest pain. They did an EKG, blood test, urine test, and chest xrays, but everything came back normal. They said that I had pulled a muscle in my chest and told me to just take ibuprofen. It didnt help, but the pain eventually went away. Then on New Years Day of 2012, my heart started racing, I felt like I couldnt breathe, shaky, and just out of it, so I went to the ER. They did all the same tests, and said that it was heart palpitations. They just told me to get rest, and it took about 2 to 3 days before I started to feel better. Then a few weeks later, I started getting nausead almost everyday and dizziness spells that would make it hard for me to walk. I went to the doctor and she sent me to a physical therapist because she believed it was something going on with my inner ear. The physical therapist said I had crystals in my left inner ear and I worked with her for 5 weeks and the dizziness went away, but I was still nausea and had started to vomit more frequently. In June of 2012 I woke up with extreme right sided pain. I went to the ER and they did a CT scan, ultrasound, pelvic examine, blood work, and urine sample. They found nothing. They blamed it on my IBS even though I had never had that kind of pain in the 11 years I have had it. One week later, I was driving to work and started to feel as if I was floating, shaky, limbs going numb, and nausea. I went to the doctor and found that my blood pressure had dropped to 80 over 60 which my blood pressure has always been borderline high, its never gone that low. The doctor told me to just drink juice and rest. One week later I went back for a follow up visit and the doctor diagnosed me with panic disorder and said I was experiencing panic attacks. She had me keep a diary for 1 month and when I went back in September of 2012, she said that it was just anxiety. I also forgot to mention that in May of 2012 I went to the gastro since I have constantly experience diarrhea and he did a colonscopy and endoscopy, but only found 1 polyp which was removed. He also did a 48 stool sample, and said that even though it was diarrhea, it came back normal. In October of 2012 I woke up again with extreme right sided pain, and went back to the ER, after 7 doctors later, this one finally found that I had gallbladder disease. I had surgery 1 week later since my gallbladder was so inflamed. While healing after that surgery was torture due to a lot of air still inside my body, I felt better. I felt good all the way up till the end of December. I got extremely sick and tested positive for mono, which I had already had when I was 15, but the doctor said that because of my surgery and my immune system being so low, when the virus became active again in my body, it caused me to be sick again. So here I am almost a month later and the nausea is starting back up. I still have diarrhea every day, and Ive started gagging again even though I take my anxiety & Gerd medicine everyday. I am to the point I dont know what to do anymore. I feel as though the doctors are missing something. I strongly believe I have something more than IBS as this is not suppose to cause chronic diarrhea, just periods of it. After seeing 7 doctors and a chiropractor due to back hurting constantly, I dont know where to turn. Anyone else experience something similar? If so, did the doctors figure it out? Any knowledge would be helpful.