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I have been in pain for a very long time and my cupboard has been filled with pain medication yet nobody has found the cause. I used to be fit and healthy, going to the gym and weight training, but the pain got worse and stopped me from going to the gym. I went to the doctors again and again, in and out of hospital.

First they thought it was my heart and that was all clear, then gallblader, ibs and so on. They finally told me it was GERD and my Hiatial Hernia was the cause. Thus in Jan of this year I had Nissan Fundoplication and stomach operation, nearly two months on and the pain still remains and the specialists have told me, it's not related to the operation or heartburn it has to be something else. The specialist was even touching my sternum area, mid lower chest and I was hurting to the touch.

Well it got worse, the pain increased and I began to get a lot of noise in my stomach and it was very unsettled, some days later I was very sick. It was all dry heeving as I could not throw up what was ever in my stomach because of the operation wrap. Now I'm in pain constantly in my sternum area, my stomach bloats at anything I eat and I feel very sick. Not sure what else to do! Especially at it's worst, it radiates to my back

Still waiting for the mri scan, but i've so far had every test done I can think of!


Name it and i've probably had it :(


Diet, diet, diet!!! You diet is SO important. If people ate pure, natural organic food all the time, all dis-eases would virtually disappear over night. Stop taking pain meds, or any meds for that matter, get yourself some Yerba Mate tea, and eat like a caveman use to eat, natural stuff. Maybe even juice your fruits and veggies for half of your meals. You might go threw a detox which might last a few days and make you feel worse, but i promise if you follow through you will feel so much better. Also get your mind in the right place, having a negative mindset all the time can literally hurt your body and even get you sick. But Yerba Mate is a amazing tea that's very refreshing and revitalizing, check it out! I hope this helps, take care.