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I was diagnosed with PCOS in December after I had my period non stop for 2 months. Then my doctor put me on birth control pill (Leostrin fe) for 3 months. My period became regular while using the pill. It's been 10 weeks after I stopped using the birth control pill and I still did not get my period. I have done several pregnancy tests but all are negative.

I am trying to get pregnant and am still using the Gluburide my doctor prescribed for the PCOS. What do I need to do now.? I want to have a baby as soon as possible.


I have PCOS as well but it was only discovered after I came off the pill. The pill masks the obvious symptoms of PCOS and while I was on it, everything worked like clockwork. I came off the pill 7 months ago to start a family and I had my last withdrawal bleed and since then I haven't had a period and that has led to the diagnosis of PCOS (of course many blood tests and ultrasound later). 

I am insulin resistant so my gynaecologist prescribed metformin and once my period comes back, I will start clomid. Treatments vary depending upon your test results though. Not all PCOS sufferers are insulin resistant and so you may need something different to me.