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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with PCOS a while back... My OB put me on Metformin/Glucophage... I'm on it now for just a little over two months.
My last period started 15 November, I started having severe breast tenderness and some stomach cramps, all this only 24 days after my last period. (I usually have a cycle between 36 - 52 days...) So, for me to have period symptoms this soon is a bit weird. I'm too scared to take a pregnancy test, as I've been dissapointed too many times before... Everyone says that you "just feel pregnant", but honestly, I don't feel that much different except for the tender breasts and cramps...

Anyone else had any similar experiences ?

Thanx ! ;-)


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I didnt feel pregnant.
I only know when i was late an i did a test.
I had no syptoms at all

Go an get a test.
Metformin i believe is very good.

Good luck fingers crossed :-D


Thanx... Will do, think I'm just going to wait till my next period is due... If it's late, I'll do the test !!!! :-)