Liver, kidney and pancreas transplants for HIV-positive patients have already been performed but Italian surgeons have carried out the first transplant of its kind, a transplant involving both lungs.
The transplant was a success and the patient, who was in danger from respiratory illness, is doing very well after the operation with good post operative diagnosis.

A specialist in infectious diseases, Paolo Grossi, who is in charge of monitoring the patient's post-operative condition reported that the possibility of carrying out transplants on HIV-positive patients has been made possible due to a new range of treatments that are very effective against HIV. The biggest problem regarding transplants on HIV-positive patients was due to the fact that their already weakened immune systems need to be lowered even further for the transplant to be successful and the organ not rejected.

Director of the national transplantation centre, Alessandro Nanni Costa, reported that this operation was "an important event for progress in the transplantation world."