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So i had unprotected sex for the first time with my girlfriend. We've been dating for two years and she's been taking the pill for about one year. Is there any chance for her to be pregnant? I didnt ejeculated inside her... Should we've waited longer than a year? Also is there any real chance of a std? We were both virgins, i have only had one partner in my life and so did she and our parents dont have std. And yes im sure of that. Should i be worried? Or am I just overreacting?


Hi Guest,

Yes U R worrying for 2 reasons:

  1. You seem under educated about sex and STD's.   Of course she could be pregnant; all your sperm does not wait until U forcefully ejaculate, many of the little blighters rush out earlier, long before U withdraw - they are faster than U my boy.
  2. Seriously how can U get an STD if both of U have only ever shared your love with each other.  No AIDS in the families, no risk there.
  3. You seem brainwashed by religion:
  4. The religious rules about marriage R "that they control what U do" - they R wrong - Marriage is immediate when 2 people [same or opposite sex] make a commitment to each other.  Sex is NOT for making babies, SEX IS SOLELY FOR THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF YOUR LOVE FOR THE PERSON U HAVE MADE A COMMITMENT TO.   IT IS ALSO A REQUIREMENT FOR YOUR MARRIAGE THAT U SHARE SEXUALLY THUS EXPRESSING YOUR LOVE ON A REGULAR BASIS!  SEE MY PROFILE FOR MORE EXPLANATION ON MARRIAGE!
  5. The important thing for U is to develop your communication skills; communication has very little to do with sharing it is about 95% listening, but even more how U listen - U need to listen to your wife BECAUSE U VALUE HER OPINION - DON'T BASE YOUR MARRIAGE VALUES ON RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS, U ARE NOT THE HEAD OF YOUR FAMILY/MARRIAGE - IT IS AN EQUAL  PARTNERSHIP, THIS IS HOW THE ULTIMATE SPIRIT MEANT THINGS TO BE - THE TEACHINGS OF RELIGIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ULTIMATE SPIRIT [U may use the name God].
  6. So talk with your wife, decide if U both want to start a family - starting a family happens after two people share their love as they are meant to.

Hope this helps U Mr Guest