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Don't let yourself get bored this summer! Stay active with fun, family-friendly outdoor activities that you can enjoy all summer long. We've listed several tips and ideas for you and the family to enjoy your summer outdoors this year.

Summer only rolls around once! While its here, make it worth it by enjoying as much fun in the sun as you can get. Get the family together for fun family weekends and outdoor activities. We've listed all kinds of ideas that you can do this summer either on your own, or with friends and family. We've also listed a few things to be aware of, including advantages and disadvantages of each!

Staying active in the summer should be a no-brainer since its so easy to be outside, but how often has autumn rolled around, leaving you wondering where summer went so fast? Make the best of your spare time and days off to enjoy your summer with great activities.

1. Start jogging or running

No time like now to start jogging! Easy, affordable and an effective way of working out. Its a good idea to run in the early hours of the morning, before haze and hot sun sets in on the day.

2. Hit up the beach!

Taking the family to a nearby beach or just heading out with a friend can make for a fantastic day or few hours. Pack lots of sunblock, water and fruits to stay hydrated and well fed. Always listen to the weather report to be sure that beaches are safe, not only for extreme weather but also to hear sun reports for UV ratings.

3. Join a soccer or volleyball league

If you enjoy social activities, you can always join a soccer or volleyball team which plays outdoors. There are several leisure leagues which are friendly and non-competitive. You can expect to pay a reasonable joining fee, and play one evening per week. These are also called “beer leagues” because the games are friendly and entail going out for a social beer afterwards.

4. Ride bikes

On the road, in wooded trails or in the mountains or local hills; riding bikes is fun, and great exercise. You can take the whole family along, stop for ice-cream or other sights and sounds along the way!

5. Go camping

A simple favourite for so many because getting away from the city can feel so good. Get in touch with nature and get some good rest. Weather its wilderness camping or tenting in a full service park, sitting around the campfire is priceless.

6. Explore nearby towns on the weekends

Take a drive one morning to a town you've never been to and explore their shops, and meet some local people. You may be surprised at what you find.

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