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Hi, I'm 19, married (a bit young i know) but at least i'm married. My husband and I want a baby, well we've tried, well we've had unprotected sex for a very long time and now he's been *cumming* in me for about 3 months (i think or so), i haven't gotten pregnant, but there's no problems within my family with having children and certainly not in his. I know he can have kids because he has one already, but is it that i can't have them? If you know any ways that could help me have a greater chance at getting pregnant please, let me know.


Work out your fertility chart woman!!!

Figure out your cycle (av. 28 days)
Ovulation date (exactly half way through your cycle)

You can fall pregnant anywhere between 2 - 3 days prior to ovulation and after.
so for that week make sure your at it every night!
Gravity (strangley enough) is a big thing.

Keep your self on the bottom and afterwoulds keep your legs up for 10 minutes
I know the though is pretty dumb but it helps.

Start taking pregnancy multivitamins and if you love your breaky juice start taking Berri with added folate.


thank you for replying back,

well i got on the internet and did and ovulation calender thing, it automatically did it for me when i put in my last period day, me and my husband did as u said at that time and i knew to leave my legs up in the air, so i did so. i just don't think it worked. i haven't taken a pregnancy test or anything just no symptoms. i'm waiting for my cycle again and see if it comes and i'll go from there.

i'm kind of down about the situation, I'm young but just the thought that i "may not" be able to have children, it sucks. We want our own little family. Not adopting or anything like that, I want to fully go through the whole pregnancy and all. Know what i'm saying *kelsey.j92*?

but i dont have my hopes completely down, i was watching the channel where they show all the births and all that and there was this lady on there and her and her husband kept trying for about 6 months. she didn't do any fertilization or whatever all that science stuff is, it just took til 6 mmonths of tries, so...maybe its just a little more difficult but i just hope it doesnt take 6 months for me :-) *reply back, if you want* dont me to waste your time.